Local Culture

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our Rhine, Main and Moselle river cruises is immersing yourself in the rich culture, fascinating legends, timeless customs and traditional cuisine you’ll encounter while exploring each port. Here is just a taste of what you can experience with us while sailing through the region.

Not all German legends have been turned into hit animated movies…at least not yet.
A black cat, witches and other real-life characters from the stories Moselle River Valley.
What could be more romantic for the holidays than kissing under the mistletoe in Strasbourg?
Every August, thousands of intrepid swimmers go with the flow on Rhine Swim Day.

Authentic RegionalCuisine

Aboard our ships, you will always be treated to regionally-inspired cuisine prepared with the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients. Delight in gourmet entrees complemented by German spargel (white asparagus), taste local comfort foods such as coconut macaroons in the Alsace; German spaetzle, sausages and sauerkraut; and Dutch stroopwafels and cheese. Plus, try your hand at making some of our exceptional German, Alsatian and Swiss recipes below.

Local Recipes

  • Traditional German Sauerbraten
    Good old-fashioned meat and potatoes in Germany.
  • German Wedding Soup
    Taste tradition through this hearty soup - part of many German couples' love stories.
  • Black Forest Cake
    Decadent dark chocolate, cherries & sweet cream.
  • Alsace Kugelhopf
    Delight in one of the many temptations found in Alsace.
  • Coffee With a Kick
    Why just settle for a regular cup of joe? Or even a specially whipped up espresso or caffé macchiato when you can indulge in a classic Rüdesheimer kaffee (aka Rüdesheimer coffee).

Pictured: Rüdesheimer Kaffee