Our highly trained, professional Cruise Managers are selected for their knowledge and expertise, and are with you from the moment you begin your river cruise and land vacation until you board your airport transfer for home.
Abel R.
A native from Madrid, Spain, Abel holds a degree in Tourism Management. Before joining AmaWaterways, he has worked as a tour leader since 2002 in different European countries and is also a licensed local guide, showing off his hometown’s many notable sights. Abel is fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese and is conversational in French. A passionate adventure traveler, he has also volunteered for development NGOs in Africa. His interests include food and wine, diving and playing Brazilian Capoeira with friends.
Agnes R.
Agnes was born in Hungary and studied to be a teacher at a University in Budapest, while also being a semi-professional traditional Hungarian dancer. She started working for Amawaterways as a local host in diverse locations in Europe and later became a Cruise Manager. Agnes is married, has two beautiful sons and a yellow Labrador dog. She has a passion for travelling, and especially loves Central Europe and the Far East.
Annie L.
Annie’s love of sailing started in her youth, on home-made rafts she used to sail on a small river near her home in the French countryside. She moved to Paris years later to study economics and languages, leading her to teach French and Italian for fifteen years. She also worked as a local tour guide and enjoyed meeting new people from all walks of life. After her son moved to college, Annie decided to take up sailing again, only this time it would be on river cruises with AmaWaterways. When she is not busy working as a Cruise Manager, Annie likes to sail, cook for family and friends, and to listen to classical music.
Balázs K.
Balázs K. started his career in tourism working in places like Greece and Tunisia, then as a tour guide in Budapest for 9 years. In 2005 he got into the river cruise business as a Cruise Manager and joined AmaWaterways in 2011. He is fluent in Hungarian, English and German, loves hiking and gardening.
Betti K.
Born in Germany, Betti grew up loving books, especially those focused on history. She has traveled all over the world with her family and inherited the travel bug from her parents. Having lived in both the UK and in the United States, she nowadays calls Bremen, Germany, her home. History and travel have always been her passions and she earned three master’s degrees in English, History, and Sustainable Tourism Management. Before joining AmaWaterways, she worked as a Tour Director in different European countries. When she is not working, you can find her sailing or playing tennis. Betti also loves to cook.
Bojan R.
Bojan was born in Nis, Ex-Yugoslavia where he received his degree in hotel and tourism management. His love for tourism and travel blossomed when he started working as a tour guide in Egypt in 2004. Afterwards, he worked as a local guide, destination manager and an AmaWaterways local guide in Serbia. Becoming a cruise manager was the natural next step for him. Today, Bojan lives in Belgrade with his wife and two beautiful kids. In his free time he enjoys traveling with family and loves tennis, biking and hiking.
Camille D.
Born in Belgium but French in nationality, Camille D. traveled with her family in her young years and lived all over France. At the age of 5 she moved to Arizona and later New York before going back to France at age 13. History and travel have always been her passion and she holds a masters degree in history from the University of Lyon, where she later became a local guide for Lyon and the Rhone region. Her greatest desire—to travel the world—is what brought her in 2016 to AmaWaterways. Fluent in English and French and truly a world citizen she recently moved to a beautiful island in the Mediterranean to add Spanish to her language portfolio.
Cesário S.
Born in Porto, Portugal, Cesario has dedicated the past ten years to working in the cruising industry, honing his abilities as a world class Cruise Manager. His background in Hotel Management and his multilingual skills (Portuguese, Spanish, English, German) along with his outgoing personality make him perfectly suited for the role. Wine is one of Cesario’s biggest passions— he enjoys learning about it and drinking it, of course! So much so, in fact, that he holds a diploma in wine studies from the WSET in London. Cesario thrives in fast-paced environments, keeps an active lifestyle and loves traveling around the world with his wife.
Christian A.
Christian A. is from Düsseldorf, Germany, but considers Brazil his second home. During the winter season he stays in Brazil with his two children, Luan and Madana, and during the regular working season he lives in Germany. He started working for AmaWaterways 2009. In his spare time, Christian likes to read history, philosophy and literature, and he also enjoys many sports, particularly swimming (he competes in open water marathons in Brazil). He has traveled all around the world and speaks fluent German, English, Portuguese and Spanish, as well as French and Italian.
Colin B.
Colin grew up on the beaches of Long Island, New York. During high school he came to Europe for the first time as an exchange student in Finland, quickly followed by a gap year on the island of Sardinia, Italy. He studied Russian and Italian at the University and has a Master’s Degree in Slavic Linguistics. He has a passion for travel and learning languages. Besides knowing English, his native language, he is fluent in Dutch, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish, and is currently working to bring his German up to par. Currently, he lives in Brussels, Belgium, where for many years he worked as a local guide and English teacher at the European Parliament.
Csaba T.
Csaba was born in Hungary, studied Tourism and Journalism, and traveled throughout Australia and the US before working as a local guide in Budapest. He joined AmaWaterways in 2008. Csaba enjoys swimming and yoga and speaks English and German.
David R.
David is a native of Barcelona. He holds a University degree in Physiotherapy and a Master’s degree in Hotel Management. He started working in the Tourism and Hospitality industry 18 years ago, working in hotels, cruise ships and for tour operators. He then realized that was the career path he would follow, as he really enjoyed traveling and meeting people from around the world. He has visited more than 85 countries and lived or passed through Portugal, England, Germany and the Dominican Republic. He is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese, conversional in French and would like to improve his German. His hobbies are playing different sports, international gastronomy and traveling.
Debbie A.
Argentina native Debbie Asayag de Albrecht holds a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management, and has been in the travel industry since 2001. Fluent in English and Spanish, and conversant in Portuguese and German, Debbie loves to dance and sing, and has been known to serenade our passengers! She's been with AmaWaterways since 2005 and currently lives in Ingolstadt, Germany.
Dejan S.
Dejan studied economics and holds a Master's Degree in European Union Integration, yet realised very early that his real passions were travelling and working with people. He started his career in the travel industry working for the leading UK tour operator, TUI, looking after guests in ski and beach resorts across Europe. His hobbies include diving, paragliding and playing sports, and he is fluent in English, Spanish, Serbian and Croatian and conversant in Russian. Dejan currently lives in sunny Barcelona, Spain.
Dragan R.
Dragan has a Serbian-Hungarian background and 16 years' experience in the hospitality industry. After finishing the Hotel Management School in Germany, he started cruising around the world on ocean-going vessels. Dragan joined AmaWaterways in 2010 and has been a Cruise Manager since 2011. A passionate traveler, he has visited 95 countries and is fluent in German, English and Serbian. He loves water skiing, diving and skiing in the Alps.
Edward S.
Born in Seattle but raised all over the globe, Edward S. is passionate for travel, cultural and history. After receiving his post-graduate degree in education, Edward is now based in Budapest. He speaks fluent English and Japanese and enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle practicing yoga and Tai Chi, and is also a certified golf professional.
Eliane S.
Eliane was born in Germany from a French mother and a German father, grew up in France and studied Architecture before she began her career as a tour guide in Koblenz. Fluent in French, German and English and conversational in Spanish, she loves to travel and to meet people from all over the world. Eliane lives in Germany with her husband and her two children and is a passionate gardener.
Florentin B.
Born and raised in Romania, Florentin graduated from the University and studied Economics, Law and Public Administration. Soon he realized that those areas of study were not making him happy. Travel was his passion and after graduating from the University in 2000, he started working on Ocean Cruises. In 2009 he discovered river cruising and since then has been sailing the waterways of Europe. Beside travel, he has a passion for languages – he speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish fluently and is working hard to bring his German to a higher level. This is his dream job and he is not sure if he found the job or the job found him.
Frederico M.
After studying Hospitality and Tourism, Frederico set sail to travel the world on cruise ships. He enjoys speaking with fellow travelers, sharing his enthusiasm for travel and is passionate about making sure guests return home with unforgettable memories. He enjoys biking, hiking and watching movies.
Helene T.
Helene is a native of Marseille, France where she lives now, after spending 6 years in Canada in the Hotel Industry, 8 years in the United-States in show business and years of travelling and cruising the world from the Arctic to the Antarctic. She holds a degree in Sociology and Journalism and is fluent in English and French, also conversant in Italian and she is currently focusing on mastering the Spanish language. She is passionate by her Provence where she enjoys hiking, nordic walking, dancing and Brazilian music.
In 2014, after rethinking about his goals in life, Henrique decided to change his professional career and embraced new challenges in the tourism and hospitality industry. From that moment, he has worked his way up from humble beginnings to become a dedicated Cruise Manager. Born and raised in Porto, where he currently resides, Henrique shares his down time with his family, practicing sports such as basketball and soccer, and also dedicating some moments to music, one of his greatest passions. He speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish fluently, as well as some French.
Jeanette S.
Jeanette was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but she spent every summer traveling in Europe. Her passion for European culture led her to achieve a Bachelor’s of European Studies and German Studies. While studying abroad for a semester, she was later inspired to move to Germany in 2013. She now lives in Nuremberg where she completed her master’s degree, while at the same time putting her love of history to reality as a tour guide. Now she is able to share her love of history while sailing on the waterways. She is fluent in English, Spanish and German. In her free time, Jeanette loves to travel, bake and dive into the world of historical fiction.
Jelena M.
Born and raised in Novi Sad, Serbia, Jelena graduated from the University of Novi Sad in Tourism Management and holds a Master degree in Geography. She has worked in tourism for 8 the past years, after starting her career as a tourist guide. Jelena is fluent in English and many Balkan languages. She lives to travel, loves to read, enjoys working with people and spends her free time with family and friends.
John R.
John R. began his career in the travel industry not on Europe's rivers but mountains, looking after guests in ski resorts. In the three decades since then, John worked with motor coach tour operators, ski chalets and beach resorts before joining AmaWaterways in 2006. Fluent in English, Italian and French, the native of Britain is a skiing and diving enthusiast, and lives in Hungary.
Kata P.
Hungarian-born Kata P. began her career as a tour guide in Budapest while earning her university degree in Tourism, Hotel and Catering. She has worked for AmaWaterways since 2008, and is fluent in English, Hungarian and German. Crediting travel as her "profession, hobby and recreation," Kata also enjoys tennis, ice skating and her Westie dog named Happy. She lives in Budapest.
Kriss S.
Kriss S. joined AmaWaterways in 2011, She studied translation at the University of Ottawa in Canada before going into tourism. She has worked for a travel agency, a charter airline and a tour company. She's traveled to more than 44 countries; and is fluent in English, French and Spanish. Kriss now lives in The Netherlands and is an avid cyclist.
Luis R.
Luis, a Portuguese native from the northern part of the country, was born in the city of Porto and it was there that he fell in love in what he considers to be the job of his lifetime. Working in the tourism industry from a young age, he started out guiding and promoting touristic activities. Nowadays he loves to share his knowledge and his passion with everyone that sails with him. During his free time, he loves to study, travel, experience new cultures and try different kinds of food! Luis holds a law degree and he speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish.
Maddy C.
Born and raised in Romania, Maddy holds a degree in Marketing and a master's degree in International Affairs. She started working in the river cruise industry in 2000 and joined AmaWaterways in 2007.
Marc C.
Born in the micro-state of Andorra, Marc holds a university degree in Economics. After working as a diplomat, his life took a full turn when he decided to leave everything behind to travel the world without knowing if he would ever come back home. An adventurer and explorer, he ended up working as a Tour Leader in South America and his beloved Africa, which he considers his second home. Apart from his main passion of traveling, Marc loves scuba diving and loud music. He is fluent in Spanish, French, Catalan and English.
Marcia E.
Born and raised in Brazil, Marcia became an independent teenager at the age of 14 when she started working as an English and Spanish teacher at language schools in Sao Paulo and began modelling with Ford Models. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Marcia moved to Dubai and worked as a flight attendant, and later became a global marketing manager. Since 2018, she has been a part of the team of Cruise Managers at AmaWaterways. Marcia is fluent in 4 languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and German, and is conversational in Italian. Besides learning new languages and reading new books, which is Marcia´s real passion, she loves to participate in golf, ballet and yoga.
Mariana R.
Mariana was born in Argentina and now lives in Portugal. She has a degree in Hotel Management and previously worked on ocean liners. She loves traveling and getting to know new people and different cultures.
Martina V.
Martina V. was born in Czechoslovakia where she grew up, then lived in Slovakia, Austria and Germany, spent some months on Venice Beach, California, later got married in Las Vegas and moved to Africa for 5 years. Today she lives very happily with her husband, dog and cat on the Canary Islands. Martina started to sail on European rivers in 2006 and as a cruise manager loves to take shipload of eager travelers across the heart of Europe.
Mátyás K.
Mátyás was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, and now lives just outside Budapest with his wife and two beautiful daughters. He studied Tourism, Catering & Hotel Industry and worked as a local guide in Hungary and neighboring countries, as well as many Hungarian and foreign travel agencies. He speaks fluent Hungarian, Spanish and English and is conversant in German. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, rowing and biking, reading and traveling.
Melissa H.
Melissa is positive, enthusiastic, smiles all the time and believes that life is really beautiful. She has worked in tourism for many years and absolutely loves it! She lives in Paris and is very keen on food and wine – pastries are her weakness! Melissa has a passion for traveling and discovering different countries, cultures and gastronomies. She loves being a good host, pampering her guests and making sure they have the time of their lives.
Monika F.
Monika F. has cruised the rivers of Europe for several years now and finds it fulfills her passion for exploring new places, learning about different cultures and sharing her love of travel with other people. She spends her free time traveling and also enjoys photography, diving, sailing and seeking out new place to have a good meal.
Natalija F.
Born and raised in Slovenia, Natalija earned an International Relations degree. Natalija’s love of traveling led her to become a tour director traveling to different European countries. Out of curiosity, she changed careers, and spent years working for the European Union. However, first loves are hard to forget, so Natalija went back to travel, and since 2015, she has been an AmaWaterways’ Cruise Manager. Natalija is fluent in Slovenian, English, French and Italian and when not working, loves exploring the world with a camera in her hand.
Nick H.
Nick was born in Sydney, Australia and first recognized the beauty of Europe while traveling there as an athlete. Following his studies in education and management, he began leading tours for groups in his homeland and went on to join AmaWaterways in 2011. Nick is fluent in German, English and Dutch, loves the outdoors, and lives in the Austrian Alps with his family.
Nicki D.
Nicki was born in Manchester where he studied Hospitality and Business Management and found his passion for wine and gastronomy. After running hotels and restaurants, he decided to focus on wine and moved to Ribera del Duero, one of Spain’s most prestigious winemaking regions. Nicki now lives in Barcelona and his dream is to become a Master of Wine, which he is studying towards now. Working with AmaWaterways has given him the platform to share his passion of fine wines, local delicacies and history in some of Europe’s most iconic regions.
Nikola G.
Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Nikola G. holds a degree in Hotel and Tourism Management and started out as a tourist guide in 2004 and joined AmaWaterways three years later. He has a passionate love of travel and a strong desire to exceed guest expectations. When he isn’t working, Nikola enjoys spending time with his wife Maria and his Jack Russell Terrier, Ogi.
Ornulf J.
Norwegian-born Ornulf has spent most of his working life in the travel industry, and has held senior positions both on board ships and in management for some of the world's top cruise lines. After close to twenty years of ex-pat life in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and the US, Ornulf returned to Europe and settled with his wife Ilse in her native Austria. Fluent in English, German and "Scandinavian," he joined AmaWaterways in 2009.
Pau S.
Pau was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He holds a degree in Philosophy and Architectural Engineering; however, his true passion is related to languages and communication. He is fluent in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian and is conversational in French. As a passionate adventure traveler, before joining Amawaterways, he worked as a tour director in different European countries. In his spare time, Pau likes to play flamenco guitar, read history, philosophy and literature, and also enjoys many sports, particularly soccer, the national sport in Spain. Currently, he lives in Barcelona, where for many years he worked on construction sites as an engineer.
Peter W.
Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Peter now lives in the Austrian Alps with his wife and two children, playing “Mr. Mum” when not cruising the European waterways. He enjoys skiing in winter and mountain biking in summer...when you live in the mountains you had better make the most of it. Leaving school to become a cook, Peter progressed into Resort Management entering the European tourism industry in 1992. In 2006 he joined a then small “one ship” company called AmaWaterways, and has remained a top rated cruise manager with AmaWaterways ever since.
Rachel C.
A native of Brazil, Rachel has a background in International Relations and World Politics and has worked for several international organizations, such as the United Nations and the Red Cross. She has been traveling around the world since childhood and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and conversant in German and Italian. Rachel loves to tell stories, read about world history, and has a true passion for dancing. When not working, Rachel can be found in southern Spain, where she now lives, running at the beach, sailing the Mediterranean or volunteering for local NGOs.
Raul D.
Although Raul is German, he grew up in Spain and became a Cruise Manager over 10 years ago at the early age of 21. He has since sailed on any and all rivers between Rotterdam and the Black Sea. When he is not cruising, he works as a travel photographer and takes pictures for hotels and resorts around the world. He is equally fluent in Spanish, German and English.
Reka P.
Reka P. born in Hungary was eager to discover new horizons and to help other experience the magic of foreign travel, she worked as a tour leader for 14 years. After joining AmaWaterways, she found being a cruise manager was a perfect fit with her name – "Reka" means river in Hungarian. Knowledgeable about local history, cuisine and wildlife, she also holds a law degree and speaks Hungarian, English and German.
Rolf J.
Rolf was born in The Netherlands and studied to become an Engineer before he realized that traveling was his passion. After completing a degree program at the University of Tourism, he started out as a tour manager, guiding travelers throughout Europe. Rolf is fluent in English, German and Dutch and has visited many countries. He plays guitar, loves art, literature and visiting museums. Furthermore he is in possession of a helicopter piloting license.
Sara K.
Sara was born and raised in beautiful Croatia. She grew up by the river watching ships pass by and dreamt that one day she would sail on them. She became a tour guide because she wanted to share the rich history and beauty of her country. During high school and the University, she spent all her free time traveling with groups throughout Croatia. Later on, her childhood dream came true and she started to work on river cruise ships sailing the rivers of Europe. Before joining Amawaterways she worked for different river cruise companies. Being a Cruise Manager combines all her passions and she feels lucky to work at a job she loves. In her free time she likes traveling and discovering new places and cultures or just spending some peaceful time in nature or at home, watching movies, reading books and spending time with her family.
Sebastien L.
Sébastien grew up along the Mediterranean near Marseille, France. He has studied foreign languages and oenology and tries to combine these dual passions working alternatively as a cruise manager and wine maker in Germany. Fluent in French, English and German, he is currently focusing on mastering the Spanish language. Sébastien joined AmaWaterways in 2012.
Sonja L.
Sonja L. grew up on a marina in a small town near Amsterdam, her affection for sailing, water sports and ships started at early age. She worked on luxury yachts sailing the Caribbean and Mediterranean area, crossed the ocean twice and lived 2 years on Mallorca. As a tour guide she loved sharing stories with her guests about the Netherlands and guiding groups through the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam. She hopes to give people a warm, welcome and safe feeling on board while making a beautiful cruise memory with AmaWaterways!
Talida C.
Talida C. studied political science at the University of Bucharest, but decided to work in a more positive environment, where she could put a smile on people's faces every day. This is how she started her career as a tour guide in her home country of Romania. After a few years of guiding, becoming a Cruise Manager was the natural next step for her. Her two greatest passions in life are traveling and food, which makes this her dream job. She is proficient in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, conversational in Portuguese and on a mission to learn either German or Dutch in the near future.
Uwe N.
Uwe (pronounced “oo-vuh”) was born near Dresden and studied civil engineering before deciding to make a career out of his favorite hobbies, traveling and hiking. Fluent in English and German and conversant in French and Russian, Uwe’s travel career began as a local guide in Cape Town, South Africa. A decade as a river cruise guide in Europe followed before the “warmhearted team spirit” of AmaWaterways enticed him to join us in 2008.
Veronika K.
Veronika is a native of Prague, Czech Republic, where she graduated with a degree in Tourism in 2012. She worked as a local guide for 10 years and organized tours for various non-profit organizations. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Czech and is also conversant in German. In her free time she listens to Brazilian music and likes to jog and roller skate, but traveling is by far her biggest passion. Currently she is residing in Germany.
Weiler G.
I consider myself a positive and accommodating person with a curious mind who is always looking to learn something new. Through my mixed background, being born in British Hong Kong, growing up in Taiwan and moving to Austria at an early age, I find that one of my biggest strengths is being open to, and understanding of, cultural differences of people from all over the world. I also take a lot of pride in my professionalism as I believe that whatever you do, you should do to the best of your abilities. I am lucky as the combination of my personality and skills has allowed me to excel in my profession, which also allow me to meet new and interesting people every day.
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