Every 10 years, a new horticultural expo blooms in the Netherlands.

An Upcoming Floral Surprise

Oh, how lovely it is as the flowers bloom and the plants grow! The Netherlands’ Floriade Expo occurs once every 10 years – and in 2022, AmaWaterways guests will have the rare opportunity to experience it in the city of Almere. Flowers, plants and trees of all kinds will be united to resemble a new beginning for this district with its theme: "Growing Green Cities."

As part of the International Horticultural Expo, Floriade opens from April 14 to October 9, 2022. Right outside Amsterdam, the flourishing city district of Almere will host the country’s largest public event and ultimately gain an everlasting legacy of a new green living area following the expo.

This rare experience calls for its visitors to “explore, touch and change” as part of their journey into Floriade – which is set to feature stunning gardens, innovative sustainable gardening exhibits, live entertainment, talk shows, souvenirs and food stalls.

Sprouting with Purpose

It goes without saying that it takes a village for meaningful change to last. With over 175 countries invited to join the expo by the Government of the Netherlands, it will take the communities of the world working together to create a green future of sustainability. Floriade Expo 2022 ties urban living and nature together to set the groundwork for sustainable innovations that can be adapted into the everyday lifestyle.

It also offers a glimpse of what a green future could like through workshops and attractions surrounding its sub-themes: “green, food, energy and health.” Encompassing 60 hectares of land, the Almere site will be divided into these four sub-themes, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience, discover ideas for your own home and community gardens and be inspired by the future of sustainable communities.

Flourishing in the Green Community

AmaWaterways has led the way toward sustainability and making a difference. Our modern river fleet has innovative fuel-efficient engines, microfiltration and onboard recycling, and energy-saving LED lighting. Beginning in 2019, our guests may have noticed one of our sustainable efforts on board such as the phasing out of plastic straws for biodegradable paper straws (upon request). As our ships continue to sail the rivers, we hope to continue to lessen the impact on the environment and minimize our carbon footprint.

In honor of our European river cruise ships being recognized in 2020 with Green Awards for their sustainability, we are pleased to offer guests the opportunity to experience Floriade in 2022 on select dates during land extensions in Amsterdam and optional land programs when the ship is docked in Amsterdam.

Experience Floriade in 2022 as you sail along the Rhine River and Dutch and Belgian Waterways between April 14 and October 9 on the following itineraries:

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