Highest Rated River Ships

Our exceptional fleet in France includes one of our most award-winning ships to date, the remarkable AmaKristina, named for her Godmother and our Co-Founder, Kristin Karst. Each of our ships in France offers its own distinct charm, including those listed below.

Boasting our innovative twin balconies, heated pool with swim-up bar, fitness room and a fleet of onboard bicycles, this ship offers a distinctive experience.


Every moment is a treat aboard AmaDante, with spacious staterooms – most with French balconies – a sauna and whirlpool, massage room, hair salon and more.


Our sole ship in Bordeaux offers the sweet life with French balcony staterooms, The Chef’s Table specialty restaurant, a sun-deck walking track and fleet of onboard bicycles.


Decorated in a palette of gold and orange that reflects Europe’s brilliant autumn foliage, the AmaCello is a floating delight.


Revel in the indulgences offered by the sauna, whirlpool, and massage and hair salon, or take advantage of a sun-deck walking track, fitness room and fleet of complimentary bikes.


Enriching Experiences

We have specially curated extraordinary excursions and experiences to immerse you in French arts, culture and traditions. Attend an exclusive wine festival in Bourg. Be mesmerized by artists’ havens, exceptional gardens and evening. Search for truffles and attend wine tastings. All of these experiences and more are available on select sailings and are included in the price of your river cruise.

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A Variety of Excursions

With up to six included excursions each day, it’s easy to personalize your experience. In Vienne, for example, ride the charming mini train around the city, choose from a guided bike tour along the ViaRhôna bike route, or a guided hike from the ship to the Monastery at Mount Pipet. We also offer culinary-themed Special Interest Tours, such as a red wine and chocolate tasting in Tournon. All of our excursions are our treat to you.

Bordeaux’s Blaye Citadel:
One of the greatest military engineers of all time, Sébastian Le Prestre de Vauban built the famed citadel of Blaye in the 17th century to protect Bordeaux.
Le Tour de Bordeaux:
There are few things as quintessentially French as cycling through the French countryside.
Bird's Eye View Of Vienne:
Vienne, while located in southeastern France, is very much a Roman city.
Truffle Treasure Hunting:
Sprinkled over handmade pastas, elegant risottos, flavorful bruschetta and hearty omelettes.