The “Land of a Thousand Rhythms” – and the perfect destination for LGBTQ+ travelers

AmaWaterways is proud of the loyal guests, valued travel advisors, and wonderful employees that come together to form our precious AmaFamily. Across many countries and continents, we have welcomed people from different backgrounds, races, and religions to enjoy the wonder of the rivers with personalized experiences and open arms. This also includes people who have different sexualities and gender identities – and our new Colombia itineraries along the Magdalena River offer an exclusive perspective on this breathtaking region in a country openly accepting of their identities.

Colombia embraces same-sex marriages and also legally recognizes both transgender and non-binary individuals – one of only a handful of countries to do so. According to the official tourism website of the Republic of Colombia, three of the four “best cities for LGBT travelers to visit in Colombia,” Medellín, Barranquilla and Cartagena, are visited on our new itineraries.

Here is a glimpse of some of the incredible, inclusive experiences that can be found in destinations that our Magdalena River cruises explore.

Medellín, A City Transformed

A major theme of this thriving city is social transformation, and this ideal has led Medellín to embrace the diversity of those who live there. The second largest city in Colombia, Medellín is home to a thriving LGBTQ+ community, and this influence can be seen as you explore this destination with AmaWaterways.

Festivals are an important part of Colombian culture, and Pride Month is no exception. In fact, the entire community – not just those who identify as LGBTQ+ – comes together to celebrate during the month of June, taking over the streets of Medellín as part of a grand fiesta.

Experience the welcoming atmosphere in this vibrant city when you reserve our pre-cruise land package to accompany your Wonders of Colombia or Magic of Colombia river cruise.

Barranquilla, The Golden Gate of Colombia

Whether you embark or disembark your AmaWaterways river cruise in the city that inspired many artists, writers and musicians, Barranquilla is a magnificent sight to behold. The colorful city is well known throughout the world for its spectacular four-day Carnaval festival held each year in February or March, but a lesser-known element to this iconic celebration is the pre-carnaval festivities which include a special parade known as the Gay Guacherna, officially declared as part of Barranquilla’s Cultural Heritage by the city council.

After a full day of festivities called Barranquilla Gay Carnaval, a national festival recognized for its inclusive celebrations of the LGBTQ+ community and famous gay parties, the joyous Guacherna Gay parade is the crowning event of the night – literally! The concluding celebration begins with the crowning of the Gay Carnaval Queen, who then leads the way for the spirited parade.

Guests may be able to experience the energy and life this festival breathes into Barranquilla if they sail during the Carnaval celebration leading up to Lent in late February or early March on our magnificent Magdalena River cruise journeys.

Cartagena, Jewel of the Caribbean

Considered one of Colombia’s most LGBTQ+ friendly destinations, Cartagena welcomes visitors with open arms, inviting them to explore its fascinating culture and heart-warming community. Open mindedness is a clear characteristic illustrated throughout the city, and travelers can find the LGBTQ+ scene of Cartagena woven into the historic Getsemani neighborhood with iconic bars and clubs, a destination that you will explore during an included excursion on your river cruise journey with us.

This coastal city also hosts one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world. This annual August event is accompanied by the Rumours Festival, a celebration of music and dance. With a beautiful backdrop against the Caribbean Sea, this unique jubilee will leave lasting memories.

Delving into a culture is not just a celebration of the past, but also a way to honor the present and the people who live in our communities. Experiencing international wonders is not just something that delights the soul – these experiences also expand your horizons as you learn more about the world around you and step into your role as a global citizen. Open your heart and mind to the wide range of diverse experiences that await as you embark on an AmaWaterways river cruise through the incredible country of Colombia.

Contact your travel advisor today to learn more about our breathtaking Magdalena River journeys.

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