Get swept up in our excitement for the brand-new AmaKristina, which will debut in 2017 on the Rhine.

Of course, no matter which itinerary you choose to make your travel dreams come true, you will be taken aback by the stunning attention to detail aboard an AmaWaterways river cruise. The luxury, the comfort, the elegance -- all are meticulously planned and executed to ensure the vacation of a lifetime.

From the inspired, world-class cuisine and engaging, thought-provoking tours, it all starts with the exciting journey you’ll take on the ship itself. After all, this will be your floating sanctuary during your stay. But have you ever wondered how these ‘homes-away-from-home’ were created? They may seem to be a dream come true, but it takes quite a bit of hard work, thoughtful planning and inspired ingenuity to bring a ship to life.

Long heralded for its pioneering spirit and breakthrough ideas, AmaWaterways is constantly seeking to push boundaries in its bold designs, having created the concept of twin-balcony staterooms, bicycles on board and our unique offering of The Chef’s Table. The design process is always a fascinating part of the development. And we were thrilled to work once more with a dear friend and celebrated ship designer, Koert Kamphuisen, on his 25th ship milestone. Once plans were approved, the hull of the ship was built by steel specialists at the award-winning Vahali shipyard in Serbia.

Our owners Rudi Schreiner and Kristin Karst were on hand to celebrate the completion of the newest member of the family. Among friends and team members -- and surrounded by food, wine, music and fireworks – the traditional bottle of champagne was broken across the bow, blessing the ship for its many travels.

The first of which will be down the Danube and Rhine rivers on its way to Holland, where the interiors will be fitted and furnished. Like our most recently launched ships, the AmaStella and the AmaViola, the AmaKristina will feature newly-designed rooming configurations for groups and families. Six sets of connecting staterooms will accommodate families up to five and four suites with convertible sofa-beds will accommodate families of up to four. We’re also pleased to create larger spaces for the spa, fitness room and salon on the lower deck. These new designs will allow for more twin balcony staterooms and suites while reducing the overall number of rooms and thereby ensuring a luxurious ride for all our guests.

The AmaKrsitina will make its debut on the Rhine in 2017. We can’t wait for you to get on board during its inaugural year!


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