An exclusive interview with AmaLyra’s beloved Captain Geoffrey.

In a rare pre-season moment of repose, we had the opportunity to interview our own Captain Geoffrey about his experience and what he loves the most about cruising with AmaWaterways.

You’ve been an esteemed member of our family for seven years. What inspired you to become a river ship Captain? I come from the sea. I served eight years on the west coast of Africa on a landing craft ship following some political conflict. Later, I spent two years on a supplier tanker ship in the Persian Gulf. When my first daughter was born, I came back to France and started working as a sailor aboard beautiful river ships on the Rhône River. I passed my license to become a Captain. This summer, I am celebrating my 22nd anniversary on river ships. I am very proud.

What do you love about river cruising?

I like visiting different cities without unpacking multiple times. We stop at beautiful locations along the river, but my favorite moments are when we are cruising along, enjoying the incredible scenery.

Guests love our family atmosphere. How do you accomplish this on board?

A strong relationship between our offices, the Captain, Hotel Manager and Cruise Manager sets the tone on board. That family feeling we cherish is passed on to our guests. Everyone has the same mission, to create magical moments for every guest — and each crew member plays an equal role in accomplishing that.

What makes AmaLyra feel like your second home?

It’s a family reunion at the start of each season. We spend a lot of time together and our friendships on board continue on land. Being a crew member with AmaWaterways means you are part of something very special. And our guests become part of the AmaLyra family as soon as they step on board.

What is your favorite moment of every river cruise?

The crew farewell on the last night when the guests get to see all the people from behind the scenes who take care of them every day. To see the positive reaction from the guests and the smiling faces of the crew is very special. In the end, a ship is just material — the crew gives the ship a heart.

What inspires you the most about AmaLyra?

When you walk on board you can feel the positive energy that comes from the crew. Walking across the Sun Deck in the morning is the best moment of the day for me — and I get to do that every day!

As Captain of AmaLyra, you exclusively sail on the Seine River. Do you discover something new each time you return?

Everybody knows Paris is the world's most romantic city. When the ship returns at the end of the week and we slowly cruise toward the Eiffel Tower — that moment is still magical to me, even though I have experienced it thousands of times.

What makes your heart sing outside of the nautical world?

I’m French, so French food and cooking are my big passions. When I’m at home, I change out of my Captain’s uniform and put on my “father uniform.” I have two beautiful daughters.

Experience magical moments when cruising toward the Eiffel Tower along the Seine River as Captain Geoffrey has on our Paris & Normandy and Impressions of the Seine & Paris itineraries!

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