Meghan F. and her girlfriends enjoy uninterrupted time to relax and recharge on the Danube River.

Meghan F., business professional and mother of three, describes the impact that a getaway on the AmaCerto with three fellow moms of three had on their well-being, and how they were able to disconnect for the week.

Meghan’s Recommended Highlights & Excursions on the Danube

Budapest, Hungary: We had never been to Hungary or Eastern Europe before, so we really got to see something new and different while strolling through the city together. The monuments and museums in the Castle Hill district were standouts.

Bratislava, Slovakia: The “Tastes of Slovakia” Special Interest Tour gave us a chance to sample some delicious local beer and cheese pairings at a pub. Toasting to our friendship and connecting with the locals was a real highlight for us.

Vienna, Austria: We chose the “Imperial Vienna” tour and the architecture in Vienna was incredible. I was blown away by the ornate buildings. We also stopped along the way to taste some traditional apple strudel at a restaurant recommended by our Cruise Manager during our free time — sure enough, it was incredible!

Salzburg, Austria: We loved stopping at Mondsee, which is where the wedding scene in The Sound of Music was filmed. Seeing it up close like that when we had grown up watching the movie was unreal. When we returned home, we all reconnected and watched the movie with our kids.

Top Reasons to Do a Girlfriend Getaway River Cruise

Quality Time: Nowadays, spending quality time together with my friends is hard to come by. We all live in the same neighborhood and our kids are close, so we see each other regularly, but it’s not always quality time. Our river cruise experience was amazing because it gave us a chance to have uninterrupted time together instead of just seeing each other on the fly.

Take A Break: With three kids each, my friends and I really needed some girl time to relax and catch up kid-free. This was a great opportunity for us to sit down, have a glass of wine, and nurture our relationships with each other where the focus was entirely on us.

Time to Recharge: With the luxury of space on board, it was never difficult for me to find a corner to myself, and then go back and have these great uninterrupted conversations with my close friends.

Enhancing Our Best Selves: The wellness activities gave us the opportunity to get our blood pumping and our Wellness Host was entertaining. Plus, a couple of my friends are true foodies, and we were all impressed by the quality of the food on board and how many options were available. You could have pretty much anything you wanted, and The Chef’s Table was fun because we could see everything that went into preparing the food for us.

In Conclusion

Would you recommend an AmaWaterways Danube River cruise to other girlfriends?

We’ve told so many people about how river cruising with AmaWaterways is the best-kept secret in travel, and we are already talking about what river we will experience next. We really enjoyed being able to relax while we traveled and waking up in a new place each day. It was so easy and low-stress. As heads of our households, it was great to have someone else coordinate our schedules and plans. The flexibility and variety were very important to us. We’ve been talking so much about this experience that now our husbands want us to bring them along next time!

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