AmaWaterways Part Charters and Charters

Looking for an incredible journey for your corporate clients or team? When you charter a full river cruise ship or reserve a Part Charter with award-winning AmaWaterways, your guests will enjoy an unparalleled experience with exquisite food and wine, a variety of enriching excursions and extraordinary service.

AmaWaterways’ innovative river cruise ships offer the luxury of space and breathtaking views for an average of just 150 guests. Part Charters can be created with just a small percentage of staterooms – 15 to be exact – to earn special pricing.

Charter bookings are deposited together – with one contract created that encompasses every traveler. In addition, Charters offer savings of up to 45% off published river cruise rates. Changes in guests are also possible up until the sailing departs.


  • Part Charters, Charters & Incentive Travel: Click here.
  • Available for all cruises and programs
  • Lowest net prices
  • Net Part Charter Rates available for the following: 15 to 50 staterooms
  • 15 to 55 staterooms for Europe (except Portugal)
  • 15 to 32 staterooms for Portugal
  • 15 to 40 staterooms for Mekong
  • 10 to 21 staterooms for Egypt
  • 4 to 8 staterooms for Africa Safaris & Wildlife Cruises
  • Choose exactly the preferred stateroom categories and number of rooms
  • Credit for one free stateroom with each contract in lieu of tour escorts with stateroom minimum requirement (does not apply for Africa, Egypt or Mekong)
  • Part Charter contract required; once signed, space cannot be canceled
  • Itinerary or vessel images available
  • Exclusive bus for shore excursions available; ask for details


Are you ready to start creating your Charter or Part Charter?

Contact Group Sales at groupsales@amawaterways.comor Charter Sales at today!

Why Reserve a Group Instead

Part Chartering and Chartering offer the lowest rates and best opportunity to customize but require a separate contract for a minimum of 15 staterooms where you are essentially buying the space at a net rate. Once you sign the contract, the space cannot be canceled so it involves risk. If your Group is not from your known loyal Group client base and is somewhat speculative, you may want to consider doing a Group agreement instead. This would still offer excellent savings and enhanced commission, but with less risk because it would be subject to the same cancellation terms as an individual traveler.

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