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Travel Entry Requirements

Current Requirements for Embarking River Cruises with AmaWaterways Updated: January 2022

Our European river cruise season will re-commence mid-March 2022. As travel entry requirements continue to evolve, and may still change frequently in the coming few weeks, we will be updating our European Travel Entry Requirements 30 days before our first departures recommence.
Please check back starting February 14, 2022 for the most up to date information.

Until February 14, 2022, we are only providing updated information in regards to our river cruise and land program in Egypt.
In the meantime, your airline can provide you with current requirements specific to your country of entry however these are also subject to change without notice.

You may also view current country entry regulations via this link. Please note that AmaWaterways is not responsible for the information provided on this site, however you may wish to consult it as a guideline for your future travels.

Additional Requirements

Please note: We are only providing information that pertains to vaccinated travelers entering these countries, as all AmaWaterways guests must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to board our ships.

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