As we are experiencing higher than normal call volumes, we encourage guests with upcoming reservations to please refer to our Travel Entry Requirements page.

Welcome Aboard Egypt

Thank you for choosing AMAWATERWAYS! Your itinerary has been carefully selected to ensure that you have a most memorable vacation to Egypt. We hope you will enjoy your special journey as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Our team in Egypt are experienced professionals committed to delivering outstanding service and providing you with a magnificent experience in Egypt.

Passports & Visas

A passport is required for all AmaWaterways river cruises, and it must be valid for at least six months after you return home. It is your responsibility to ensure your passport is valid and contains all required visas and number of blank Visa labeled pages. Please check your itinerary carefully and consult with the appropriate consulates to determine if any visas are needed. Vacations can be disrupted or altered if the correct documents cannot be presented at airports or border crossings. We recommend photocopying the first page of your passport, airline tickets, driver's license and/or birth certificate to expedite the process when replacing any documents lost while traveling. Keep the originals separate from the copies and pack some extra passport photos as well. Another option is to scan your passport, airline tickets and credit card numbers and email them to yourself as attachments. Please be sure to fill out the “Emergency Next of Kin” section in your passport (in pencil) as well.

PASSPORT VALIDITY AND ACCURACY OF PASSPORT NAMES MUST BE CONFIRMED AT TIME OF PAYMENT All bookings must have the correct name(s) exactly as it appears on the passport. This will ensure Intra-Egypt Air and flights from Jordan and to Israel are ticketed and issued correctly. It will also avoid any airline-imposed change fees that will be the guest’s responsibility should the name on the air tickets not match your FULL name shown on your passport. In addition, passports MUST have at least TWO empty Visa labeled pages for each country visited on this trip. For example, if your trip includes the Jordan pre-Egypt land package, Egypt/Nile, as well as the Israel post-Egypt land package, you will need 6 empty Visa labeled pages.

Egypt: Single entry visa and obtained online prior to travel. Apply at www.visa2egypt/ Passport validation at least six (6) months after the scheduled return date to your home country. 2 empty Visa labeled pages required.

  • Jordan: AmaWaterways will obtain your single-entry visa and is complimentary. You will receive your visa on arrival by your uniformed AmaWaterways Representative who you will meet prior to Immigration once you deplane. Passport Validation at least six (6) months after the scheduled return date to your home country. 2 empty Visa labeled pages required.
  • Dubai: Visa not required. Passport Validation at least six (6) months after the scheduled return date to your home country. 2 empty Visa labeled pages required.
  • Israel: Visa not required. Passport Validation at least six (6) months after the scheduled return date to your home country. 2 empty Visa labeled pages required.
  • Recommended Gratuities

    A Word About Gratuities
    Although we leave gratuities to your discretion, many of our guests have asked for general tipping guidelines. Gratuities may be charged on a credit card or given in cash payable in US$ or local currency.

    11-Night River Cruise and Land Journey:
    Total suggested gratuities for the 12 days Secrets of Egypt and the Nile is $250 per person. This includes:

    • Cairo Pre- and Post-River Cruise: $130 per person, which supports the services of your Cruise Manager, Egyptologists, drivers and other land-based staff
    • 7-Night River Cruise: $120 per person, which supports the Hotel Manager and additional AmaDahlia crew

    Luggage Restrictions

    Jordan and Israel Luggage Restrictions (Flights between Amman and Cairo or Cairo and Tel Aviv)

    Checked baggage must not exceed 23kg/50 lbs. in weight and overall dimensions of 62in/158 cm. Carry-on must be no heavier than 17 lbs. (8 kg).

    *Extra fees will apply for overweight and/or each additional piece of checked in luggage and payable directly to the airline in cash. Maximum weight of checked luggage is 70 lbs. (32 kgs).

    Important: AmaWaterways is not responsible for any additional fees imposed by air-carriers. In addition, during your cruise and when traveling by motorcoach, storage space may be limited, and porters may decline to carry extra heavy suitcases for health and safety reasons. We recommend bringing only one suitcase and one carry-on bag per guest. We also suggest putting your contact information, such as your name, cell phone number and email as well as the hotel and/or ship contact information inside your bags, just in case they are delayed.

    Prepare for your Journey

    Travel Protection If you purchased travel protection insurance, please make sure to write down important information such as the insurance company’s telephone number and your policy number.


    Airlines have become very strict about the size and weight of baggage and carry-on luggage. Please check your airline’s website to confirm specific allowances prior to your departure. Most airlines allow one piece of checked baggage and one carry-on per person. General guidelines:

    - International (trans-Atlantic) flights: In general, if traveling in Economy class, each checked bag should not exceed overall dimensions of 62 inches/158 cm and weigh more than 50 lbs. (23 kg). If traveling Business class, check with the airline you are flying as policies vary.

    - Cruise and full land package passengers: Checked bag(s) on Intra-Egypt flights cannot exceed a total of 50 lbs. (23 kg).

    - All passengers: Your carry-on bag should not exceed overall dimensions of 42 inches/118 cm and must weigh less than 17 lbs. (8 kg).

    Mobile Phones

    Please contact your service provider for information on overseas usage and any additional fees prior to leaving on your trip.

    Health and Well Being

    All North American residents should consult the latest vaccine recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Visit or call 1-800-232-4636. Residents of other countries should contact the appropriate government agency in their home country to determine what, if any, vaccinations are recommended.

    Depending on your health history, your physician may also recommend certain booster shots, such as tetanus and/or Hepatitis A and B. Antidiarrhea/upset stomach medicine may also be advised in case you are sensitive to certain spices or unfamiliar ingredients commonly used in Egypt/Middle East.

    You should be as fit and healthy as possible before starting on your journey and have enough physical stamina to participate on shore excursions including walking tours of up to two hours on uneven surfaces as well as sightseeing tours.

    Having successfully operated river cruises during summer 2020, our teams are experienced with enhanced health and safety protocols and are ready and eager to safely welcome you on board. Our experienced staff and crew have undergone special training and will be advised and guided by a Public Health Officer. As always, our crew will be on hand to take care of all the details so you can relax and enjoy your much-anticipated river cruise vacation.

    As of June 8, 2021, here are some of the measures that are in place to protect you and our crew on board and ashore:



    Online Health Questionnaire – Prior to boarding, an online health and contact screening questionnaire will be required.


    Temperature Checks – At embarkation, guests’ temperatures will be taken with no-contact infrared thermometers. If, for any reason, further testing is required, shoreside medical treatment centers are within close proximity. Sanitized Luggage – Your luggage handles will be sanitized before delivery to your stateroom.

    On Board

    Face Coverings – Protocols continue to change; however, at this time, guests are required to wear face coverings when moving through public spaces.

    Cleaning & Disinfecting – We will have ample hand sanitizers available throughout the ship and their frequent use is required by all guests and crew. Our crew has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting measures throughout the ship.

    You will likely notice our crew cleaning public areas more frequently. Special attention will be paid to areas like staircases, public washrooms, armrests in the lounge and guardrails. We use hospital-grade disinfectants for continual surface cleaning in public areas. Additional deep cleaning will take place throughout the entire ship between each sailing. Your designated stateroom steward will clean your stateroom twice daily.

    Clean Air - The air is always fresh and clean as all staterooms, fitness rooms, massage and hair salons are equipped with state-of-the-art individual air handling units (AHU) plus fan coil air conditioning units that are located in the ceiling inside the staterooms above the entry area. The main public areas – lounge and restaurants – have their own high-quality air-fog system to continuously ensure clean air.

    Social Distancing - You will have plenty of space to roam as we will limit the number of guests on board depending on the most up-to-date guidelines in effect at the time of sailing.

    Safe Dining - Our dining room setups and attentive service will be compliant with social distancing guidelines and current food and beverage safety recommendations. Our crew will serve you at your table and will be happy to offer you a similar choice of menu items formerly available at our buffets. A limited room service menu will also be available during mealtimes.

    Exercise & Wellness – You will still get plenty of fresh air and exercise as our bicycles, fitness mats and equipment will be thoroughly sanitized after each use. Use of the Fitness Room is by appointment with cleaning time between use. We provide a variety of onboard wellness activities led by professionally trained Wellness Hosts. Whenever weather permits, these small-group classes will be held on our spacious open-air Sun Decks.

    No Visitors on Board - Historically, we have allowed a limited number of visitors on board, such as travel advisors learning more about our ships or guests on other river cruise ships wanting to sail with us in the future. For the safety of our guests and crew, non-essential visitors will no longer be allowed on board.

    Exploring Ashore

    Shore excursions will be conducted in small groups, Guests must use hand sanitizers when getting on and off our coaches that are thoroughly cleaned each morning.

    AmaWaterways’ ships are occasionally required to dock side by side with other river cruise ships while in certain ports, which requires guests from one ship to enter the other to go ashore. In these cases, guests from other ships will be required to pass over the open-air Sun Deck rather than through the interior of your ship. Our exterior handrails will also be sanitized on a high-frequency basis.



    Medical Clearance - Crew must have certified medical clearance certificate plus undergo pre-boarding COVID-19 testing and are kept in an isolation period prior to embarking.

    On Board

    Crew Training - All our crew have participated in in-depth training on enhanced operating protocols led by our experienced corporate Designated Hygiene Officer in consultation with international and national health authorities. Each ship has their own Public Health Officer overseeing all aspects of health and sanitation for guests and crew.

    Temperature Checks - Health will be monitored for potential symptoms as well as through twice daily temperature checks.

    Face Coverings - Crew will be required to wear face coverings during working hours and continue to respect social distancing in their living quarters.

    These temporary conditions are subject to change or withdrawal at any time. Please contact us with any questions or see our Travel Advisory FAQ at

    *Enhanced protocols are subject to change by local authorities and may vary in certain destinations.


    Experienced travelers know how to be flexible. The more you can adapt to constantly changing conditions, the less stressed you will be and the more you will enjoy your journey. This is especially true when traveling overseas. Being friendly and open-minded will make things more enjoyable for everyone. No matter where you go in the world, a warm smile is always welcome!

    Medical Conditions

    Please advise us before your departure date if you have any medical conditions or mobility challenges requiring special attention during your trip.

    Special Diets

    Please let us know prior to your departure date if you have any special dietary requirements (e.g., vegan, diabetic, gluten-free, etc.). We will make every effort to accommodate your request with the resources available to us.

    Travel Essentials

    What to Pack
    Comfort and convenience are key when you pack for your Egypt and Nile River cruise. As Egypt, Jordan and UAE are primarily Muslim countries, we kindly ask that you adhere to local customs and traditions appropriately for any local traditions. Rest assured you can prepare with ease – our unveiled secrets to pack for this worthwhile experience and we have listed them below. Your main suitcase should not exceed 23kg/50lbs., otherwise excess weight charges will apply and payable directly to the airline at check-in.

  • Lightweight clothes.Packing light for your Nile River cruise will be no problem as a majority of what you pack into your suitcase will be lightweight clothing items. The average local temperature in Egypt ranges between 90°F and 107°F (32-41C) from late April-June and Sept-mid Oct. Breathable clothes will be your answer to most of your outfits. We suggest cotton or linen tee shirts as well as short and long sleeves.
  • Scarf or shawl. You should plan to dress modestly to respect the local traditions of the mosques and temples you will be visiting. A lightweight pashmina scarf, veil or shawl is ideal for additional sun protection and as women will need to cover their shoulders and arms. Men can opt for collared shirts and lightweight pants.
  • Breathable trousers or pants. In Egypt, men typically wear trousers or pants despite the hot weather. Pack a pair of lightweight trousers or convertible pants that can transform into shorts. Please be mindful of certain ancient sites where you may want to avoid wearing shorts.
  • Sturdy and versatile sandals or walking shoes are ideal to withstand any terrain when visiting temples. Sandals can provide extra comfort as well as breathing room for your toes.
  • The ultimate daypack or fanny pack can hold all your daily essentials throughout your excursions including your water, pocket-sized bug spray, tissues/wet wipes, binoculars, sunscreen, a hat, and any medications you may need to travel with.
  • SPF products. Strong sunscreen (40 SPF or higher). Try to include SPF into as many items that you use in your daily routine for skin care. It is usually sunny, so protect your skin with lip balm, moisturizer, or other beauty products with sun protection.
  • Polarized sunglasses or a hat with wide brim for further sun protection as you enjoy your thrilling excursions. Cooling scarves and bandanas can be helpful as extra protection for your neck or head from the sun.
  • Lightweight jacket or sweater for those cooler times at the end of the day. Temperatures during the nighttime vary dramatically and can reach as low as 35-45° F (2-7C) during the winter months.
  • On board your river cruise, women are more than welcome to bring their casual dresses, shorter skirts, shorts, and swimsuits to enjoy the pool on the Sun Deck.
  • Here are a few pro tips when visiting a temple or religious monument:

  • Try to be as respectful as possible of the local traditions, especially during religious holidays such as Ramadan (i.e., refrain from eating snacks in public if avoidable and save them for the motorcoach ride).
  • When visiting synagogues or mosques in Israel, women and men should refrain from wearing clothing that bares their legs and upper arms.
  • Be prepared to take your shoes off when visiting a mosque.
  • Other items to consider:

  • Swimsuit, cover-up, and flip flops
  • Small flashlight
  • Camera equipment and extra batteries, memory cards, chargers/accessories
  • Converter and electrical adapter
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb or hairbrush, razor, insect repellent, feminine products, and cosmetics
  • Prescription medications in original containers (to be packed in carry-on bag, not checked luggage)
  • Face masks
  • Hand sanitizer, tissues, and anti-bacterial/disinfectant wipes
  • Small first aid kit with aspirin, antibacterial cream, etc.
  • Money belt or other secure place to keep passport and cash
  • Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test, if required
  • Security Regulations
    Current security regulations require that all liquid items in your carry-on bag be no larger than 3 oz. and contained in a clear quart-sized plastic bag.

    Learn About Your Destination
    It may be helpful to do some reading or stream some documentaries, on the locations you plan to visit You might wish to learn a few key words and phrases too, especially if you plan to do any exploring on your own.

    Average Temperatures

    To get the current weather conditions, log on to or .

    Time Zone

    Egypt – UTC + 2 hours

    Jordan – UTC + 2 hours

    UAE (Dubai) – UTC + 4 hours

    Israel – UTC +2 hours

    *UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

    Health Considerations

    Physical Limitations
    moderate-to-challenging amount of walking. Streets, temple complexes, docking locales, and other sites have steps and/or uneven terrain. Walking tours of temples can last between one and two hours. Most temples do not have sitting areas, ramps, or handrails. Please bring good walking shoes/sneakers and a wide brim hat and sunblock to protect from the sun.

    Some of the embarkation/disembarkation points between ship and shore are not be able to accommodate passengers with mobility issues and who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, or any other mechanical devices. Facilities and services for passengers with physical limitations are sometimes limited or non-existent.

    We kindly request guests requiring special assistance be accompanied by a companion who is physically able to provide such assistance. Transfers and shore excursions adhere to a set schedule and cannot be adjusted for unexpected delays due to physical limitations. AmaWaterways and its affiliates are not responsible for any denial of services by airline carriers, cruise vessels, hotels, motorcoaches, local guides/operators, or other independent suppliers.

    Handicapped Facilities
    AmaDahlia is not equipped with handicapped facilities. Motorcoaches, boats, and minibuses used for transfers and shore excursions also are not handicap-accessible.

    There is no doctor or nurse aboard your cruise. Please consult your physician prior to traveling if you have a medical condition that might pose limitations during your trip. Any medical condition requiring special attention must be reported to AmaWaterways at the time of reservation.

    Drinking Water
    We advise using bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth when traveling through this part of the world. A supply will be readily available on board during your cruise. If you visit a restaurant on your own during your journey, always request bottled drinks opened at the table (to ensure purity) and refuse ice cubes. Drink often to avoid dehydration, too.

    Street Food
    Please be cautious when sampling any food purchased from street vendors, as hygiene standards may not be up to Western standards. It is best to avoid dairy products, salads, and any food that is uncooked or fruit that you have not peeled yourself. In general, it is advisable to avoid street food throughout your experience.

    Travel Arrangements

    Airport Security and Check-in
    Please arrive at least three hours before international flights and at least two hours before domestic flights. This will allow ample time to check-in and get through various Security check points.

    In-Flight Comfort
    Some tips to make air travel more comfortable:

    • Wear loose-fitting clothing and comfortable shoes.
    • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated drinks; drink plenty of water; and eat lightly.
    • Ease pressure in ears by chewing gum, yawning, swallowing or gently blowing your nose.
    • Walk up and down the aisle to stretch your limbs and get blood circulating.
    • Do a few isometric exercises while seated.
    • Avoid wearing contact lenses during your flight, as re-circulated air tends to dry them out.
    • Some guests find melatonin helpful to relax and/or sleep during overnight flights.


    International Airport Transfers (Arrivals)

    On arrival, you will be met by an AmaWaterways airport representative holding a sign before you reach Customs and Immigration, and they will be with you through airport formalities. (Reminder to purchase your visa online prior to leaving your hometown).

    Transfers are included for all guests arriving on Day 1 or who have purchased extra nights through AmaWaterways. It is essential we have your flight arrival information at least 50 days prior to your vacation start date.

    For guests arriving in Amman or Dubai, transfers are also included on day 1 or if you have purchased extra nights through AmaWaterways. In Amman, you will be met prior to immigration where you will receive your visa. In Dubai, you will be met after you have cleared Customs and Immigration.

    International Airport Transfers (Departures)

    Airport transfers are included on the last day or your trip to the airport as well as those guests that have purchased extra nights through AmaWaterways. Your AmaWaterways Cruise Manager will notify you of your pick-up time for the last day of the trip.

    Cairo International Airport
    Cairo Airport is located approximately 16 miles/25 km from the Four Seasons Residence Inn. Meeting place: You will be met by an AmaWaterways representative holding an “AmaWaterways” sign who will be waiting before Customs and Immigration. Airport transfer emergency contact number: (20) 12 274 10 477 (local dial 012 274 10 477) There is no AmaWaterways Welcome Desk at this airport.

    Queen Alia International Airport (Amman)
    Queen Alia Airport is located approximately 22 miles/35 km from the St Regis Amman. Meeting place: You will be met by an AmaWaterways representative holding an “AmaWaterways” sign as you exit baggage claim. Airport transfer emergency contact number: (962) 79 966-3383 (local dial 079 966 3383) There is no AmaWaterways Welcome Desk at this airport.

    Dubai International Airport
    Dubai Airport is located approximately 9 ½ miles/15 km from the Marriott Marquis Hotel. Meeting place: You will be met by an AmaWaterways representative holding an “AmaWaterways” sign as you exit baggage claim. Airport transfer emergency contact number: (971) 55 636 5250 (local dial: 055 636 5250) There is no AmaWaterways Welcome Desk at this airport.

    Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv)
    Ben Gurion Airport is located approximately 32 miles/52 km from the Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem. Departure on your last day: You AmaWaterways Local Representative will advise you of your departure time to the airport. Transfers normally take approximately one hour and check-in time at Ben Gurion Airport is three hours before departure. Airport transfer emergency contact number: (972) 54 432 5097 (local dial: 054 432 5097) There is no AmaWaterways Welcome Desk at this airport.

    Hotel Information

    Hotel Arrival & Departure Information
    The official check-in time is 3:00 p.m. local time. If your flight arrives in the morning, your luggage can be dropped off at the hotel before check-in and delivered to your room later.

    Check-out times vary but are typically between 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon. If you have a late afternoon or evening flight, most hotels have a room where you can store your luggage until you depart for the airport.

    Hotel Contact Information

    Please refer to your cruise vouchers to verify which hotel you are staying at.


    Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the First Residence

    35 Giza Street




    Tel: +20 (2) 3567 1600


    St Regis Amman

    5th Circle

    Shafiq Al-Hayek Street

    Amman 11185


    Tel: +962 (6) 400 0500


    JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

    Sheikh Zayed Road

    Business Bay

    Dubai, 121000

    United Arab Emirates

    Tel: 971 (4) 414 0000


    Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

    Gershon Agron St 26-28

    Jerusalem 9419008


    Tel: 972 (2) 542 3333

    Cape Grace Hotel
    West Quay Road
    Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Tel: +27 21 410 7100

    Victoria Falls Hotel
    1 Mallet Drive
    Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
    Tel: +263 13 44751

    Fairlawns Boutique Hotel
    1 Alma Road Morningside Manor
    Sandton 2004, South Africa
    Tel: +27 11 804 2540

    Arusha Coffee Lodge
    Dodoma Road
    Arusha, Tanzania
    Tel: +255 758 306 252

    Tintswalo Safari Lodge
    Kruger Park, 1350
    South Africa
    Tel: +27 15 793 9013

    Makanyi Private Game Lodge
    PO Box 883
    Hoedspruit, 1380
    South Africa
    Tel: +27 15 793 2663

    First Day / Last Day

    First Day
    You can arrive in Cairo, Amman, and Dubai at any time on Day 1 of your journey. Transfers are included and will be available 24/7. It is essential we have your flight arrival information.

    Last Day
    You can depart anytime from Cairo, Dubai, and Jerusalem at any time. Transfers are available 24/7 and will be coordinated with your flight departure time.

    On Board Your Cruise

    Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the ship. Please note that at times while the ship is cruising in an isolated region of the Nile River, access may be sporadic.

    Cell/Mobile phone service
    For the most part, cell phone access is available in Cairo as well as in the ports of Luxor and Aswan. While cruising, phone service may be limited at times.

    Should you need any assistance during your cruise, please contact the ship’s reception desk.

    Onboard Staff
    The onboard staff consists of 65 crew members. Key English-speaking personnel include the Cruise Manager (Tour Director), Egyptologist, Hotel Manager, and those at the Reception Desk.

    Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the ship, only outside in the designated area.

    Ship Schedule
    Your ship will promptly depart each port of call according to its cruising schedule. We are unable to delay departure for passengers who may not be back on board in time. Unless you are on a shore excursion accompanied by your AmaWaterways Egyptologist or appointed guide, you will need to make your own way back to the ship at a subsequent stop. AmaWaterways is not liable for any costs incurred if you miss the ship’s departure for any reason.

    Settling Your Bill On Board
    The day before your cruise ends, you will receive an invoice for any charges you have made since boarding the ship. Please make sure all charges are correct before settling your account at the reception desk. All onboard charges are in EGP (Egyptian Pounds) and may be paid in cash or with Visa, Master Card or American Express. Your credit card company will convert your onboard charges into your home country’s currency at the current exchange rate and service fees may apply. You can also request your credit card be charged in US$. Debit cards and pre-paid credit cards are not accepted.

    Stateroom Information

    In-room Entertainment
    Each stateroom has a 43” flat-panel TV that features news, sports and movie channels via satellite.

    Each stateroom has a telephone that may be used to make calls within the ship.

    Climate Control
    All staterooms are equipped with air conditioning with individual climate control.

    The electricity onboard is 220v/50hz with European 2 pin power outlets. The cabins will also have standard US/Canada 120 V plugs and USB plugs next to the beds. You may need an adapter and/or converter for any electrical appliances you bring with you.

    Stateroom Amenities
    Each stateroom provides bathrobes, slippers, a hair dryer, and spa quality toiletries including soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotions.

    All water on board is purified and filtered with a Reverse Osmosis system (consists of Softener, Carbon Filter and UV lamp) as well as chlorinated and suitable for washing. Water quality is within the standard recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization) and Egyptian code. However, we do not recommend drinking the tap water. Complimentary bottled water will be provided to you daily for drinking and brushing your teeth.

    For safety reasons, the use of traveling irons is prohibited on board the ship. Clothes may be pressed for an additional fee.

    All staterooms are equipped with a safe. We recommend placing your passport and other valuables in the safe whenever you are away from your room. Oversized items may be stored in the ship’s safe at the reception desk.

    To access the ship's secure complimentary Wi-Fi on your personal device (such as a laptop, tablet, or cell phone), you simply choose AmaDahlia@Guest network and agree to the terms and conditions.

    Onboard Facilities & Amenities

    Salon & Massage Services
    Hair styling services and massage treatments are available on board. Please inquire at the reception desk for a menu of services and to schedule an appointment. Please note, these services are available for a fee and can be paid for in cash or with a credit card at the time of purchase or at the time you settle any of your onboard charges prior to disembarkation from the ship.

    Medical Facilities
    As there is no doctor or nurse on board, in the event you need medical assistance, the closest medical facility will be contacted. We strongly urge you to obtain adequate travel insurance to cover any medical treatment and/or medical evacuation while overseas. If medical services are required, such assistance is the financial responsibility of the guest.

    Fitness Room & Pool
    AmaDahlia has a fitness room with a limited selection of exercise equipment, as well as towels and bottled water. There is also a refreshing pool located on the Sun Deck. Please note there is no attendant on duty and use of these facilities is solely at your own risk. AmaWaterways and its affiliates are not responsible for any injuries sustained during the use of the fitness room or pool. Also on board will be a Wellness Coach. Your coach will always offer active walks, morning stretches, core strengthening, resistance band classes and high intensity classes. On some sailings, signature yoga and/or Pilates classes may be available.

    Key Cards
    At check-in, your photo will be taken. This is registered within our onboard computer system and synchronized to your magnetic key card. This key card is used for onboard purchases, entering and exiting the ship, and for your stateroom.

    Gift Shop
    The gift shop sells accessories, souvenirs, gifts, and a limited selection of toiletries. Typical hours are usually from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily except on embarkation and disembarkation days.

    Onboard laundry is available for a fee. A price list can be found in your stateroom. Please note that clothes cannot be dry cleaned on board.

    Sun & Jasmine Decks
    The Sun Deck has a bar, lounge chairs and pool and on the Jasmine Deck, there is an Al Fresco (outdoor) restaurant. For safety reasons, there may be times when access to the Sun Deck is restricted, such as late evening or during inclement weather.

    Main Lounge
    Your ship has a large, comfortable lounge with a full-service bar on the Jasmine Deck. This lounge serves as a gathering spot for friends and family for the Sip & Sail cocktail hour before dinner, nightly entertainment as well as announcements and lectures.

    Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the ship.

    Each ship is equipped with a dedicated laser printer for printing airline boarding passes. You may send the print job from your stateroom computer. Please ask the reception desk for information and assistance.

    Meals & Dining

    All meals on board are included in the brochure price and are served in the Main Restaurant in a single seating. Open seating allows you to sit wherever you wish and to meet fellow passengers. We will follow social distancing requirements that are valid at the time. Table reservations are not accepted. However, for dinner at our Chef’s Al Fresco restaurant, reservations are required as there is limited seating capacity. Please contact the reception desk staff for reservations before 2:00 P.M. on your preferred day (first-come, first-served basis).

    All meals while cruising are prepared by our executive chefs and we offer a choice of Western and Egyptian/Mediterranean cuisine. Breakfast and lunch are served a la carte, and dinner is a multi-course meal with a selection of entrées including vegetarian. If you have special dietary requirements (e.g. vegan, diabetic, gluten-free etc.), please advise AmaWaterways at least 30 days prior to your departure. We will make every effort to accommodate your request with the resources available.

    Complimentary fresh drinking water is available throughout the cruise and your room will be restocked each day. Coffee and teas are available free of charge any time of the day . At lunch and dinner, local wine and beer, soft drinks, bottled water and specialty coffees and teas are available on an unlimited and complimentary basis. In the evening, enjoy our "Sip & Sail" cocktail hour. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are also available outside of mealtimes for an additional charge.

    Onboard Staff

    The staff consists of approximately 68 Egyptian crew members.

    The ship’s highly qualified and licensed Captain was carefully selected for his/her vast knowledge of the Nile River, attention to safety and ability to command the ship and crew.

    Cruise Manager
    Specifically selected for their knowledge, experience and friendly personalities, AmaWaterways Cruise Managers are resourceful, well-traveled and multilingual travel professionals. They are responsible for coordinating all daily activities both on and off the ship.

    Hotel Manager
    The ship’s Hotel Manager oversees all hotel operations on board, including the dining room, reception and housekeeping.

    Ship Crew
    All AmaWaterways crewmembers, from the nautical crew to stateroom stewards, are thoroughly trained to ensure you enjoy the best vacation possible.

    Shore Excursions

    Daily Activities

    The ship’s Daily Program contains updated information about each day’s scheduled activities, shore excursions, tour departure times and more. It is available at the reception desk. Full day sightseeing is including in Cairo and involves both touring by coach as well as walking.

    While cruising along the Nile River, your tours of temples and/or tombs involve mostly walking. Walking tours range from one to two hours and, for the most part, temples do not have seating, step handrails or ramps. You should expect to stand and walk for up to two hours. Be sure to pack good walking shoes as surfaces tend to be uneven and or rocky. Each tour is led by a licensed English-speaking Egyptologist. A Personal Audio Device with headset will be provided. You may also bring your own personal headset to plug in to this device. Note that scheduled activities and tours are always subject to change.

    Religious Sites
    AS mentioned earlier, when visiting religious sites, particularly in Cairo and Jerusalem, we kindly ask guests to be respectful of the local culture and its customs. Shoulders and knees should be covered, and some sites may require you to remove your shoes upon entry. Shoes that can easily be slipped on and off are useful during these excursions. Your Egyptologist will advise you in advance should attire need to be adjusted.

    Optional Visit to Abu Simbel

    On Day 6 as part of your Secrets of Egypt & the Nile River journey, you have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit one of the world’s most magnificent archaeological treasures, Abu Simbel. This more than 3,000-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site dedicated to Ramses II, one of the most active of Egypt’s pharaohs, also includes a smaller temple dedicated to his beloved chief wife, Queen Nefertari. Seize the day and be among an exclusive group of travelers to experience the wonders and delights of this ancient site.

    We strongly recommend if you wish to see Abu Simbel that you reserve this optional tour in advance with AmaWaterways and no later than at final payment for your Egypt vacation. This will be the only way to guarantee a seat on this half-day outing that includes a roundtrip flight between Aswan and Abu Simbel. If you wait until you board your river cruise to reserve, we cannot guarantee seats will be available and the cost will be higher.

    Motorcoach Safety

    When touring by motorcoach, especially in Cairo, please remain seated and, if available, always fasten your seat belt. We strongly advise against using the onboard washroom while in motion; please be advised that doing so will be at your own risk. AmaWaterways and its affiliates are not responsible for any injuries sustained from failing to heed these safety precautions. Carry-on bags, purses and other bulky items should be safely stowed in the overhead luggage racks or under your seat to keep the aisles clear. Please do not stow heavy items overhead. Take a moment to note all emergency exits and please be careful whenever entering and exiting the motorcoach.

    Docking Locations

    While in Luxor and Aswan, AmaDahlia will be moored at a private dock. While cruising between Luxor and Aswan, local river authorities are responsible for allocating docking spaces and locations may vary depending upon the number of ships in port on any given day. Ships typically moor facing upstream, against the current. There may be times when multiple ships are tied together and views from your stateroom are temporarily restricted. These are typical situations beyond the control of AmaWaterways. Docking locations may also change without notice.

    Daily Cruiser Newsletter

    We recommend carrying each day’s onboard newsletter with you whenever going ashore, as it contains the ship’s docking address, All Aboard times and your Cruise Manager’s and ship telephone numbers.

    Safety Tips

    It is not advisable to carry your passports or other valuables (i.e., jewelry, money) in person during excursions. Whenever possible, valuables should be kept in the safe available in your hotel room or stateroom. Stay alert while venturing out on your own or in the evening, especially if traveling solo.

    Contact Information

    Your final travel documents contain important phone numbers and other information you may need during your vacation.

    Helpful Calling Information
    Calling Egypt and the Middle East from the US and Canada:

    - Dial the US/CAN long distance code 011

    - Dial the country code (such as 20 for Egypt)

    - Dial the area code

    - Dial the number

    For example, to dial an Egyptian phone number, such as 012 274 10 477, you dial the following: 011 20 12 274 10 477

    AmaWaterways representatives are available to help with any needs that may arise during your vacation. If for any reason you require assistance, please call the appropriate number below:

    AmaWaterways US Headquarters

    1-800-626-0126 or 1-818-428-6198

    Monday-Friday: 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

    Saturday: 7 a.m. - 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

    In the event of a travel emergency please use the following numbers: If you are still within the US or Canada

    From Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. P.S.T.; and Saturday, 7 a.m. - 1 p.m. P.S.T.

    1-818-428-6198 or 1-800-626-0126

    Outside of these times please call the US emergency phone number: 1-818-398-1921

    If a travel emergency occurs once you arrive in Jordan, Egypt, Dubai, or Israel, please call the following numbers: Egypt (20) 12 274 10 477 (local dial 012 274 10 477)

    Contact: Mr. H Rashad – Wings Egypt

    Jordan (962) 79 966-3383 (local dial 079 966 3383)

    Contact: Mr. M Awadat – Dakkak Travel

    Dubai (971) 55 636 5250 (local dial 055 636 5250 )

    Contact: Mr. I Rabie – Wings Dubai

    Israel (972) 54 432 5097 (local dial 054 432 5097)

    Contact: Person in charge – Eshet Travel

    Emergency email address: (Please put “EMERGENCY” in the subject line of your email.) Our emergency email is monitored 24/7.

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