Sharing some AmaLove

It's Valentine’s Day and Love is in the air and will soon be returning to the rivers with the start of our 2019 sailing season!

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that warm your heart and add to your sense of wellbeing, so in the spirit of sharing some AmaLove, here are the top ten “little things” that I personally love when I’m onboard:

  1. The sunrise stretching class on the Sundeck
  2. The lemon infused water at the hydration station
  3. The dark chocolate square on my pillow each night
  4. Our freshly baked, healthy, whole grain dark bread (and the occasional basket of potato wedges!)
  5. Grabbing a bicycle and going for a quick rejuvenating ride along a quiet river side path
  6. Listening to the chatter and watching our guests mingle with new friends during the Sip & Sail Cocktail
  7. Joining our guests for a big family dinner in one of the Wine Rooms and hearing what they enjoyed most about their day
  8. Seeing the pride on the faces of our crew when our guests reward them with a standing ovation during the Farewell Cocktail Party
  9. The special care taken by our Cruise Managers to track down and retrieve that precious lost item for a guest or to spend a little extra time going over all the tours with a Solo Traveler to help them choose the ones best suited to their needs
  10. The late afternoon yoga class on the Sundeck

Our 2019 season in Europe officially kickoffs March 21, and our cruise managers, captains and crews are enjoying some well-deserved time off while our operations team puts the final touches on what will be an exciting sailing year for all our guests. With three new ships joining our fleet this year, there will be plenty of opportunities to experience the special AmaLove that our teams love to share.

Whether vacationing as a couple, a solo traveler or venturing out on the rivers accompanied by a group of girlfriends or several generations of your family, we will welcome you onboard with open arms and smiling faces.

It means a lot to all of us to hear about the little things that you love best so please share them with us on our Facebook page, Twitter, or on Instagram #amameanslove.

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