Happy AmaVersary and Welcome to Our New Cruise Managers!

Each year, Rudi and I join the Basel operations team led by our European Operations Director, Wade Korzan for a special Kick Off Meeting with our Cruise Managers. We share everything new for the coming season and prepare the teams to welcome the more than 100,000 guests who will be cruising with us throughout the year. One of my favorite parts of this meeting is when we get to celebrate milestone events like our Cruise Managers’ 10 Year AmaVersaries. It’s so much fun to recognize and applaud their loyalty while at the same meeting, welcome new Cruise Managers to the team. Under the watchful eyes of Wade, Leo and Maddy, who are in charge of our training program, our new recruits have just successfully completed their extensive AmaWaterways training and integration program and are excited to set sail with our guests.

At this year’s meeting, 10 yearAmaVersaries were celebrated for Cruise Managers Uwe and Csaba. We are thrilled to have them as part of the AmaFamily and know our guests look forward to sharing the next 10 years happily sailing the rivers of the world with them as their guides.

Our fleet continues to grow and I’m very excited to introduce a sparkling line up of nine new AmaWaterways Cruise Managers – all with warm personalities, positive outlooks on life and extensive hospitality industry experience. Diversity of language skills helps us provide the warmest possible welcome to guests particularly those from Latin America, Europe and Asia and we are pleased to see so many of our new recruits speaking Spanish and Portuguese - not to mention Catalan, Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Be sure to check back on our website in the weeks ahead, as we introduce each of our new Cruise Managers: Click here to view our Cruise Managers
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