Fitness, Fun and Fantastic Places

Last June I introduced you to Selina, AmaWaterways certified Sports Scientist who was on the AmaLyra developing our Wellness Program. March finds her busier than ever as she prepares to launch our Wellness Program on six ships – AmaCerto, AmaPrima, AmaSonata, AmaLyra, AmaDante and AmaDolce. Selina and our Operations team in Basel have adapted the timing and nature of the fitness classes to best fit each itinerary but I do have to share my personal favorites - the new Rhine and Moselle 10 and 11-night cruises. They offer a laid-back pace with a perfect blend of daylight river cruising through spectacular valleys, biking and hiking visits to fairytale villages and castles and wonderful opportunities for wine tasting.

Top on the popularity list of the onboard fitness classes are the 7:30 and 8:00 am stretching sessions enhanced by the gorgeous views from the sun deck. Late afternoon classes with resistance band and core strengthening will also be in the program as well as the possibility to form an active walking or running group. Not to be missed will be a presentation offering simple tips to a healthier lifestyle regardless of age or current fitness level. Besides these program staples, additional types of classes may be offered depending on each Wellness Host’s specialty. For those interested in a personalized fitness coaching session, once onboard you will be able to book a private half or full hour appointment with the Wellness Hosts in the same way as booking and paying for your massage or hair salon appointment.

Selina’s guiding principle to better fitness is that it’s not the intensity of a workout that matters as much as the variety and choices of activities that will make fitness a fun and easy addition to your daily lifestyle. With that goal in mind, we may be offering surprising things like “Champagne Yoga” classes (yes, you get to sip a mimosa in between yoga positions!) and simple exercise routines that address common health concerns like lower back pain and poor sleep habits. The goal of our Wellness Hosts is to introduce you to fun ways to improve your daily activity level that can be done in the comfort of your own home without the need for elaborate equipment.

Combining fitness classes with our active hiking and biking tours provides a great variety of ways to improve your health while discovering some fascinating people and places along Europe’s most iconic waterways.

Meet our new Wellness Hosts - they are all anxious to welcome you onboard and show you how fun, fitness and fantastic places come together on AmaWaterways!

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