The Godfather of River Cruising Unveils His Newest Innovation

On May 10th, we enjoyed wonderful celebrations as I became the proud Godmother of our 20th ship, AmaKristina. Two days later, we had another reason to celebrate as Rudi Schreiner, considered by most in the industry to be the “Godfather of River Cruising,” unveiled plans for our newest innovation – AmaMagna.

For the past several years, Rudi has been working on a new ship design that will be a total game-changer for European river cruising. The same length but twice the width of a standard river cruise ship, AmaMagna will carry just 194 passengers. The extra space will allow us to design large, luxurious, ocean-type staterooms averaging over 300 square feet, multiple dining venues, and expansive spa and fitness areas. Along with these wonderful additions, we get to introduce the totally new concept of a retractable watersports platform, which adds new meaning to the term “active river cruising.” Due to the doubled width, there will be lock restrictions for this special ship. Because of this, the AmaMagna will cruise itineraries on the magnificent Danube between Vilshofen, Germany and Rousse, Bulgaria.

As we had many media and travel agent friends on board for the christening, we took the opportunity to give them a sneak-preview of a stateroom model that was constructed by our carpenters in their workshop near Amsterdam. After a bus ride through the Dutch countryside, we arrived at the workshop with much anticipation and quite a buzz of excitement as we discovered together some of the great, new ideas that Rudi and our team of designers have planned for AmaMagna.

Our goal is to continue innovating and introducing new amenities to our growing number of repeat clients, as well as providing more options that will attract active travelers of all ages. The launch of AmaMagna is planned for 2019, so stay tuned as we will release further information and detailed drawings in October.

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