Some Like It Hot... But Some Don’t!

The old Marilyn Monroe/Tony Curtis/Jack Lemmon movie Some Like It Hot came up during a dinner conversation this week and believe it or not, the title immediately made me think about our river cruise guests and how the definition of “great cruising weather” really differs.

For those that like things to sizzle – our European river cruises in July and August are hard to beat – particularly with our outdoor pools and swim up bar beckoning after a busy, sun-filled day of touring. For some, sipping iced coffee, chilled rosé wine or a home-brewed beer at an outdoor café can’t be beat. These sometimes humid -- but always warm – European evenings are perfect for strolling along the cool river banks and outdoor terrace restaurants. Speaking of ‘liking it hot’ – for those living in the northern parts of the world that can’t bear another day of shoveling snow, the tropical climates of Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar call to you with all the sights, sounds and aromas that make this part of the world so memorable.

Other travelers feel the allure of clear blue skies and cool, crisp air of autumn or early spring. Hiking or biking at these times of the year are such a pleasurable way to discover the colorful towns and villages along the rivers. And the best part is that there are multiple opportunities for incredible local wine tastings. Whether it’s our Tulip Time or Wine Cruises, layering light sweaters and jackets make the outdoor experience truly enjoyable.

Many guests love the opportunity to bundle up and explore Europe under the twinkling lights and lightly falling snow that usually accompany our Christmas markets and holiday cruises. Tours take on a brisker pace, but we’re rewarded with mulled wine or steaming Irish coffee onboard. Christmas market treasures are admired by newly found shopping buddies before enjoying a relaxing massage. Still others opt for an afternoon spent in the cozy, festively decorated lounge area, enjoying their surroundings while they learn how to make traditional apple strudel.

So … some like it hot – and some don’t. But whatever your preferred vacation temperatures range, we have a cruise for you. Regardless of the air temperature outside, our onboard welcome is always ‘warm’ and there will always be really ‘cool’ things to discover.

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