Vilshofen Vow Renewal

Renewing your wedding vows?

Ama is the latin root verb for “love,” and we used the prefix quite deliberately in naming our company. AmaWaterways came about from a love of travel, shared adventure and cultural exchange. And sometimes we even play a part in a real-life love story.

That’s what happened recently aboard our ship, the AmaPrima in Vilshofen, Germany. On board were passengers Mr. and Mrs. McDaniel, who brought with them not only the dream of a beautiful Danube cruise, but something even more special. They wanted to renew their wedding vows while in Europe. In fact, they packed along their wedding clothes in the hope of such an opportunity.

This is when our European team sprang into action and together with Tourism Manager of Vilshofen, Christian Eberle, they arranged for a local priest, a venue, photographer and a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mrs. McDaniel. After only a few hours, the McDaniels’ dream of a European vow renewal ceremony fell into place. They re-lived their wedding day with a moving ceremony in Vilshofen’s abbey. Standing beside them as witnesses were our ship’s captain, hotel manager and cruise manager, among others. And the local newspaper was so excited about this impromptu vow renewal along the Danube, they ran a feature about it.

If you have cruised with us on AmaWaterways, you wouldn’t be at all surprised. It goes without saying that our team in Europe is the best. They go above and beyond whenever they can, especially when a love story is involved. That dedication shines through in the consistently high passenger ratings we receive.

And our local relationships are truly exceptional as well. Vilshofen is a lovely town with a special relationship with AmaWaterways. We christen our ships there. Local tourism officials always work so hard to give our passengers a warm Bavarian welcome. Oktoberfest awaits for us there all year long, complete with folk music and the Beer Queen herself!

Whether it’s a vow renewal ceremony or a special event planned in a whirlwind or over months, AmaWaterways is devoted to one thing: providing the most innovative and enjoyable river cruise experience in the world and turning a great vacation into a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

It’s in our name.

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