Rudi Schreiner - A Visionary Leader

The term "visionary" is a bit overused these days.

But in some cases, it's quite well-deserved. Take the case of our president, Rudi Schreiner.

His vision dates back to the first river cruise ships in Europe built for the North American market.

In fact, he designed them.

Many concepts first introduced and developed by Rudi have become industry standards.

But visionaries don't look back, they keep setting new standards.

In the years since Rudi, myself and Jimmy Murphy launched AmaWaterways, we've expanded to new countries and continents. We've earned awards and gained a devoted clientele. As he's led our company to success, Rudi has also become one of the most respected figures in the business.

Of course, if you've met Rudi, that's no surprise. His enthusiasm, dedication and larger-than-life personality are his trademarks.

If you've not met Rudi, you'll soon have the chance. This fall, he'll host a special President's Cruise. It takes place November 7-14 aboard the luxurious AmaLyra. Rudi will be on board to  cruise with passengers and get to know their stories.

No doubt, they'll get to know some of his!

The itinerary travels from Luxembourg to Amsterdam on the winding Mosel and majestic Rhine. Europe's castles, vineyards and villages will be at their seasonal best. Passengers will see the famous Rhine Gorge, walk along narrow cobblestone paths and steeply-sloped vineyards. There's no better way to experience the history, culture and traditions of Europe than by river cruise.

And what better way to river cruise than with the man that helped launch the modern industry?

After all, it's not every day you get to experience a product alongside the head of the company.

It's rarer still to meet a true visionary.

Please click here for more information on the President's Cruise.

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