Awaken Your Senses on the Rivers

The start of our 2023 European river cruise season is fast approaching and I can hardly wait to visit our beautiful ships as they emerge from their winter docking stations. Our ships always look brand new and the secret is the meticulous care and attention they receive from our maintenance teams during the winter rest period.

First stop on my spring travel agenda will be attending our annual Cruise Managers’ Kick-Off Meeting. For the first time since 2019, we are excited to be back to an in person gathering and I am so looking forward to spending time with this dynamic group of 75 individuals who contribute so much to creating cherished vacation memories for our guests.

Our remarkable crew are just as excited to be back on board ready to warmly welcome our wonderful guests from around the world. So much preparation and training go into the start of each season. From new culinary delights to enhanced shore excursions, there is so much to experience and discover for all our guests, but particularly those loyal guests who may not have been able to join us over the past several years.

The past three years have had an impact on how people want to spend their valuable vacation time. We understand how important it is to step away from the crowds and fully immerse yourself in the experiences in order to come away feeling rejuvenated, more in touch with the natural world and more aware and appreciative of the different cultures and communities visited.

We have 26 ships offering 35 fascinating itineraries designed with unique experiences to engage all of your senses. Here are just a few of my favorite examples that may inspire your vacation planning:


  • 40 castles perched along the UNESCO designated Rhine Gorge
  • Breathtaking fields of colorful tulips during Tulip Time cruises
  • Sunrise over the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  • The astonishing Pyramids of Egypt (Our new brochure is available! Order here.)
  • Magnificent animals gathering along the banks of the Chobe River


  • Celebration of Classical Music on the Danube
  • Our talented onboard pianists and local entertainers
  • The Bavarian music during our weekly Vilshofen Octoberfest
  • A visit to the church made famous by The Sound of Music


  • Celebration of Wine Cruises
  • The delicious five course tasting menu at The Chef’s Table
  • Local food in Egypt and on the Mekong
  • Truffle hunting in Provence
  • Chocolate tasting in Belgium


  • Chestnuts roasting at the Christmas Markets
  • Fall leaves on the ground as you cycle along the river banks
  • Pastry shops and bakeries in Paris
  • Salty air on the beaches of Normandy


  • Champagne yoga
  • Making banista in Bulgaria
  • Hiking through the Black Forest
  • Decorating our Christmas trees on board

Last, but far from least, is Ama’s Sixth Sense – the sense of love.

Ama means “Love” and for 20 years we have been bringing a sense of joy, happiness, gratitude and love to everything we do. It touches the tours we offer, the crew members we hire, the menus we design and the small touches we offer our guests like a welcome rose, souvenir scarf or cap or special cakes to celebrate weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

Love is celebrating diversity and ensuring our guests are being welcomed and recognized as individuals. Love is showing respect for the local communities we visit and our gratitude to them for sharing their customs and traditions with our guests.

All of these gestures of love are amplified when our guests are able to share these cherished moments with dear friends and family members on board our ships.

February is considered the month to celebrate Love and we invite all our guests to join us during February 2024 on AmaMagna on the Danube or AmaLucia on the Rhine as we celebrate, for the very first time, this month of love on the rivers of Europe!

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