New Experiences Bring Back Fond Memories in Africa

“Ama” means love and it is only fitting that during February, the month of love, I am reminded about my own very special honeymoon onboard the Zambezi Queen. This journey is even more fresh in my mind as we just returned from a recent trip to Africa, which always brings back cherished memories of the times we’ve spent on our different Africa Safaris and Wildlife Cruises. But it all began with our summer honeymoon where we spent unforgettable moments on board the Zambezi Queen on the Chobe River.

No matter which season you explore this amazing continent with us, the experiences you’ll have are truly life-changing. However, I am particularly fond of visiting South Africa between March and May. Why? Because these months mark Africa’s wet season, when the usually arid landscapes transform into lush green grasslands and also offer the greatest opportunities to see baby animals during the land safaris we offer in the Serengeti and Greater Kruger National Park. Be sure you are outfitted with a good zoom lens as Africa is a paradise for amateur photographers and professionals alike!

Included on every one of our five different Africa itineraries, Victoria Falls – the world’s largest waterfall – is particularly stunning at this time of year. From March through May, the region’s rains will have built up this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site to its greatest volume, offering the most spectacular viewing opportunities. There is a beautiful quote about Victoria Falls, attributed to Scottish missionary and explorer Dr. David Livingstone, who describes the falls as having “scenes so lovely they must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” That’s exactly how I felt the first time I witnessed the water thunder over the cliff and create a rainbow in its mist.

Whenever Rudi and I travel, we are always looking for exceptional experiences that can become part of travel options we offer our guests. In 2017, we ventured up to Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park for a chance to see the Silverback Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat and were so deeply touched by our encounter with these animals that we decided to offer this incredible adventure as a post-cruise land extension on our Africa itineraries as well.

Just a reminder: the Zambezi Queen welcomes only 28 guests, so space always fills up quickly. Whichever season you choose, I highly recommend you consider booking your 2021 Africa Safari and Wildlife Cruise soon to ensure you are able to experience the vibrant landscapes, fascinating wildlife and natural wonders that makes this trip a truly once-in-a-life experience.

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