Videos From The Netherlands and Belgium

Before you set sail on your journey through the Netherlands and Belgium, get a sneak peek of the destinations and what makes our Netherland and Belgium itineraries so memorable.

Discover Amsterdam with Cruise Manager Sonja
On both our Netherlands and Belgium sailings, you will begin and end your journey in the medieval city of Amsterdam, which has inspired artists for centuries. In this video, our wonderful Cruise Manager, Sonja, will give you tips on some of the iconic sites and activities that can be experienced on our 2-night pre-cruise land package.
Uncover the History of Antwerp
Both our Best of Holland & Belgium and Tulip Time itineraries make a full-day stop in this medieval gem of a city. In this video, Cruise Manager Pete takes you on a journey through the storied history of Antwerp.
The Art of Tulips
Our Tulip Time itinerary gives you the opportunity to visit the breathtaking Keukenhof Gardens, the largest flower garden on earth, offering over 800 different varieties of tulips! Join our Cruise Manager, Radi, as she gives you a preview of what you can expect while visiting this unforgettable array of colors and beauty.