Every journey needs a guide, but when you river cruise with AmaWaterways, you get much more than that. Our highly trained and experienced Cruise Managers are hand-selected from among the best tourism professionals in the world, providing you with unparalleled personal attention, unique travel insights, and thoughtfully considered travel accommodations. Often hailing from the very regions we sail through, our extraordinary Cruise Managers apply their multicultural knowledge and years of tourism experience, going above and beyond to ensure the memories you make on board and on shore last a lifetime.
Abel R.
I hail from Madrid, Spain and hold a degree in Tourism Management. Languages are one of my greatest passions: I am fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and am also conversational in French. As a lifelong adventure traveler, my interests include food and wine, diving and practicing Brazilian Capoeira with friends.
Agnes R.
Born in Hungary with a passion for travel, I started working for AmaWaterways as a local host in diverse locations in Europe and later became a Cruise Manager. I especially love traveling to the storied destinations in Central Europe and Eastern Asia. When I’m not traveling, I’ll be spending time with my beautiful family and our yellow Labrador!
Coming from a village on the North Central Coast of Vietnam, I proudly joined AmaWaterways in 2017 and became a Cruise Manager. Today, I live in Ho Chi Minh City with my family, where I enjoy playing with my little girl, reading books and traveling.
Alex S.
I was born and raised in Transylvania, where I developed a love of travel and storytelling growing up near the (in)famous Bran Castle, the site of inspiration for Dracula. I began working with AmaWaterways back in 2008, and eventually became a Cruise Manager in 2022. Besides my love for world travel, I am an avid billiards player and winter sports enthusiast.
Ana S.
I am originally from Croatia, and I began my career in hospitality nearly two decades ago on one of Croatia’s beautiful islands. I started as a tour guide in college and since 2015 I’ve been guiding groups in the Croatian port cities of Ilok and Vukovar. During my free time, you can find me enjoying the outdoors on a hike with my dog, reading a good book, or practicing new languages.
András V.
You might say I was born to work on the rivers – I grew up in a small town along the Danube close to Budapest. I have degrees in both English literature and linguistics and previously served as a tour guide. I truly love the great outdoors: kayaking, canoeing and biking. When I am not on board, I enjoy spending my time with my four kids.
André C.
I grew up in sunny Portugal, where I earned a law degree and a master’s degree in international human rights. I spent two years working with nonprofit organizations in Africa before returning to Portugal in 2013. There I began my career in hospitality, and today I am fortunate to travel the world with AmaWaterways. When I’m not traveling, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and loved ones.
André G.
Olá, my name is André and I was raised in the City of Porto, Portugal. It has been my dream since I was a little boy to show and tell stories about my city and country. Today am lucky enough to do so as part of our amazing AmaWaterways family. My dream on the rivers came true and so can yours!
Andrijana N.
I was born in sunny Montenegro on the Mediterranean coast, but I have lived in Serbia most of my life. I was lucky to be introduced to the English and Italian languages by my mother who enjoyed reading international magazines. Working for AmaWaterways checks off all my personal and professional boxes: I am traveling and working with so many creative and curious people, creating memorable life experiences. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family.
António G.
Born in the Alentejo Plains in sunny Southern Portugal, I decided to make the rest of my life the best of my life. I previously worked as a personal trainer and Wellness Host as far abroad as the Middle East. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, I am passionate about history and art and love to embark on exciting new adventures watching sunsets around the world.
Balázs K.
I started my career in tourism working in places like Greece and Tunisia, and eventually led tours as a local guide in Budapest for nine years. There, I developed fluency in Hungarian, English, and German, and I’m fortunate to be in a career where I can express my passion for language and travel every day. I joined AmaWaterways as a Cruise Manager in 2011, but when I’m not leading cruises, you can find me hiking in the mountains or tending to my garden at home.
Bernard K.
As a youngster, I grew up in a very remote part of the Caprivi in Namibia. With drive and determination, I became a guide and joined the AmaWaterways crew in 2011 aboard the Zambezi Queen. I enjoy reading history and the bible as well as fishing and discovering wildlife.
Bojan R.
Hailing from Niš, Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia,) I worked as a local guide for AmaWaterways in Serbia. Becoming a Cruise Manager was my dream since I began my career in tourism, and every day I am grateful to lead travelers along Europe’s grand rivers. In my free time, I enjoy traveling with family, playing tennis, and setting on out a long hike.
Camille D.
Born in Belgium as a French national, my greatest desire—traveling the world—is what brought me to AmaWaterways in 2016. Fluent in English and French, I recently moved to a beautiful island in the Mediterranean in order to add Spanish to my language portfolio! My career with AmaWaterways fulfills my passion for language and travel, and I’m thrilled to guide our travelers throughout the world.
Caroline S.
Born in Paris, I have spent the past 30 years living between the grand metropolises of London, New York, and Sydney. My former career as a professional singer and dancer brought me to destinations all around the world, which eventually led me to begin my AmaWaterways career in 2015. Today, my passion for history, French cuisine, and storytelling shapes every river cruise I lead with AmaWaterways!
Catarina F.
I was born and raised in the seaside city of Lisbon, Portugal, where I developed a love for travel from an early age. I began my tourism career in 2002 (the same year AmaWaterways was founded) working with coach tours throughout Europe. Now I’m fortunate enough to travel the great rivers of Europe with AmaWaterways and our amazing guests. I do what I love, and I love what I do!
Catarina L.
Born in the small town of Guimarães, considered the cradle of the Portuguese nationality, I studied international relations before ascending to the skies as a flight attendant. Now I am happily working on the rivers. When I am not on board, I love listening to music and making flower arrangements.
Cesário S.
Born in Porto, Portugal, I've dedicated my life to the world of river cruising, applying my cultural knowledge and multilingual skills to guide travelers throughout Europe. Outside of my passion for travel, I am a oenophile (wine-lover): I enjoy learning about wine and, of course, drinking it! I maintain an active lifestyle and love traveling around the world with my wife.
Christian A.
I am from Düsseldorf, Germany, but consider Brazil my second home. I started working for AmaWaterways in 2009. I enjoy reading history, philosophy, and getting lost in a good novel. I love the water, both in my professional career as a Cruise Manager and in my personal life as a competitor in Brazilian open water marathons. By traveling around the world, I have become fluent in German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian.
Crystal A.
The guiding principle of my upbringing was diversity and world travel. I am originally from South Africa and have lived in Europe for the past nine years, making me fluent in English, Afrikaans, and Dutch. My career in travel began a bit unusually: I transitioned from professional sports to working in tourism, but my passion to serve others remains steadfast. I joined AmaWaterways in 2020, and I can tell you where to find all the best desserts in town!
Daniel M.
I was born in South Africa and grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany. After I studied adventure tourism management in Birmingham, UK, I started traveling all over the world guiding private and group vacations. My biggest passions are skiing, snowboarding and spending time with my two beautiful children.
Daniel N.
I traveled far and wide early on in life: I was born on the Austro-Hungarian border and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona. My career has taken me on biking and hiking trips all over Europe, from Iceland to Italy and beyond. Now I look forward to sharing my love, passion and heritage with you – one river at a time!
David M.
I was born with a passion for travel, history, and nature. Though I have previously lived and worked in both Edinburgh and London, I now call Salzburg, Austria my home. When not speaking with guests in English, German and Spanish, I can be found trekking, climbing, or skiing in the Austrian Alps.
David R.
I was born and raised in Hungary, but spent most of my adult life in Sydney, Australia. My multinational upbringing inspired a lifelong love of tourism and travel. Today, I’m lucky to travel the world as part of the AmaWaterways family, leading travelers on several river and ocean cruise lines throughout my career before joining AmaWaterways in 2009. When I’m not working, I love to play soccer and, of course, spend quality time with my wife and kids.
David R.
As a native of Barcelona, Spain, I have visited more than 85 countries, living or passing through Portugal, England, Germany, and the Dominican Republic. I am fluent in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese, conversational in French, and hope to improve my German. For fun, I love to play sports, eat unique cultural dishes from around the world, and travel.
Debbie A.

I am a native Argentinian, working in the travel industry since 2001. As a lover of travel and language, I am fluent in English and Spanish, and conversant in Portuguese and German. I've been with AmaWaterways since 2005 and currently live in Ingolstadt, Germany. Fair warning: I love to dance and sing, and have been known to serenade our passengers!

Dejan S.
After receiving my master's degree, I realized that my true passions were travelling and working with people from around the world. My hobbies include diving, paragliding, and playing sports, and I am fluent in English, Spanish, Serbian, and Croatian, and conversant in Russian. I currently live in sunny Barcelona, Spain.
Delia M.
As a little girl in Johannesburg, South Africa, I dreamed of one day traveling beyond my hometown. I eventually achieved this goal working as a bus hostess, and later as a registered tourist guide. As a proud AmaWaterways Tour Director, I love using my skills to create unforgettable experiences for our guests.
Dragan R.
I joined AmaWaterways in 2010 and have been a Cruise Manager since 2011. Born with a burning passion to travel, I have visited 95 countries to date, and am looking forward to reaching triple digits soon! I have a Serbian-Hungarian background and am fluent in German, English and Serbian. In my free time, I love water skiing, diving, and skiing in the Alps.

I was born in the central highlands of Vietnam in a beautifully landscaped town. Becoming a Cruise Manager for AmaWaterways was a big step for my career. In my free time, I am passionate about traveling, reading and both listening to and playing music. In 2005, I began working as a tour leader for many international companies, leading tours throughout Vietnam as well as Indochina. Becoming a Cruise Manager for AmaWaterways has been a big step for my career. In my free time, I am passionate about traveling, reading and both listening to and playing music.

Ferran V.
Born in the city of Reus just outside of Barcelona, Spain, I have felt a passion for travel since I was a child. Growing up my favorite toy was an atlas, and my love for plants and animals eventually led me to becoming a biologist. While working as a birdwatching guide, I realized that I could blend my love for biology and travel into one career, and today I am lucky enough to make this dream a reality with AmaWaterways!
Fintan K.
Born and raised in Manchester, I moved to Barcelona at the age of 22 where I discovered a passion for wine, food, and travel. When I´m not exploring an idyllic vineyard or cruising along Europe’s grand rivers, you´ll find me with my wife and son in Barcelona, climbing the hills behind the city or snorkeling in the Mediterranean.
Florentin B.
Born and raised in Romania, I've been sailing the rivers of Europe since 2009. I speak English, French, Italian and Spanish fluently and currently am improving my German. Being a Cruise Manager is truly my dream job: I love introducing our guests to new cultures, destinations, and peoples around the world.
Frank M.

I was born in Soweto, the biggest township in the southwest of Johannesburg. When I was young, I started travelling with the Red Cross all over the world. I joined the travel community 25 years ago and never looked back! I enjoy photography, travelling, food and winemaking, as well as participating in sports and other outdoor activities.

Frederico M.
After studying Hospitality and Tourism, I set sail to travel the world on cruise ships. I enjoy speaking with fellow travelers, sharing my enthusiasm for travel and am passionate about making sure guests return home with unforgettable memories. I also enjoy biking, hiking and watching movies.
Gabriel R
Although I was born in Venezuela, I was raised in Porto in a small village close to the Douro River. I have a degree in Sports Science and began working on board AmaWaterways ships in 2019 as a Wellness Host. I look forward to serving as a passionate Cruise Manager, connecting with guests and making a difference in your lives!
Helene T.

I am a native of Marseille, France, with years of travel experience from the Arctic to the Antarctic. I'm fluent in English and French, conversant in Italian, and now focusing on mastering Spanish. I spend my free time exploring Provence where I enjoy hiking, Nordic walking, dancing and Brazilian music.

Heloise T.

Born in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, I made it my life’s goal to explore the world. After years of traveling and living abroad, I decided to become a Cruise Manager for AmaWaterways. I enjoy reading books, hiking, surfing, yoga, biking, running and meditation. As a result of my world travel, I'm fluent in French, German, English and Spanish.

Henri B.
Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, I worked my way up from humble beginnings to become a dedicated Cruise Manager. Travel has brought me to several beautiful destinations throughout Europe, and I have become fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish, as well as some French. I spend my downtime with family, practicing sports, and dedicating time to music, one of my greatest passions.
Ioana D.
I grew up in the fabled Romanian region of Transylvania. There, my bedroom faced a 17th-century castle which doubled as the local public library, a second home during my childhood. I speak Romanian, English, Italian and French and soon I'll need a new room in my apartment to house all my books!
Ionela C.
I grew up in southern Romania at the base of the beautiful Bucegi Mountains, surrounded by natural wonders near the storied city of Brașov. Since I was a child, I have dreamed of traveling the world, and I am now lucky enough to follow a career that meets my personal passions. After experiencing memorable destinations like India and New Zealand, I began my career with AmaWaterways in 2022. In my free time, I love to hike in the mountains, garden, and teach yoga.
Iúri V.

Guiding travelers as a Cruise Manager is my dream come true. It is my pleasure and privilege to introduce people to exciting destinations around the world with my AmaWaterways family! I enjoy technology and always try to keep myself updated with new communications and social networking.

Jasmina S.
Born and raised along the mighty Danube River, I dreamed of one day sharing its treasures with others. I have worked passionately as a guide and sommelier in Serbia, a destination manager in Spain and a Cruise Manager on European rivers. Guiding travelers with the AmaWaterways family, I get to do what I enjoy most while speaking English, Spanish, Russian, German and Balkan languages.
Jelena M.

Hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia, I began my travel career as a tourism guide before eventually working my way up to Cruise Manager. I'm fluent in English and many Balkan languages. I live to travel, love to read, enjoy working with people and spend my free time with family and friends.

Jessi C.

Born and raised in Germany, I grew up traveling with family and was always fascinated by the destinations featured in travel magazines. I love to share my excitement for travel, culture, and food by guiding travelers along Europe’s rivers. I'm fluent in German, English and Spanish, conversational in French and have too many favorite destinations to count!

John R.
Over the past three decades, I worked at local tourist destinations, ski chalets, and beach resorts before joining AmaWaterways in 2006. Fluent in English, Italian, and French, I'm a native Brit, a skiing and diving enthusiast, and a current resident in Hungary.
Jonathan B.
Jonathan was born in London, England, and graduated in broadcast journalism. What followed was a 20-year career in television that took him around the world producing and directing travel features. During this time he devised and presented a monthly travel show. For many years he was also a guest expert at the Daily Mail Cruise Show as well as a regular contributor to BBC Radio London. In addition, Jonathan spent a year as a cruise director for a major American cruise line where he presented talks on Alaska, Central America, Northern Europe, Greenland, Canada, and the USA. He’s now truly delighted to be working with AMA Waterways as a cruise manager, and, when he’s not cruising the rivers of Europe, he enjoys cooking for friends, cycling, and keeping fit at the gym.
Juraj B.
While studying architecture and urban planning, I began working as a tourist guide in 2001 – and I fell in love with the travel world. After finishing my PhD, I stayed in this industry. I look forward to showing guests of AmaWaterways my hometown.
Kata P.
Born in Hungary, I began my tourism career as a travel guide in Budapest. I've worked for AmaWaterways since 2008, and fluently speak English, Hungarian, and German. Travel is both my profession and my hobby, but when I’m not traveling, I also enjoy tennis, ice skating and my Westie dog named Happy.
Kirsten K.
Spending my formative years in the Blyde River Canyon of Kruger National Park, I have always been tickled by the culture, nature, and adventure around me. With an MBA and more than 20 years of guiding experience, I am committed to assuring guests’ safety while sharing my passion for the beauty of South Africa.
Kriss S.

I studied translation at the University of Ottawa in Canada before beginning a career in tourism which led me to AmaWaterways in 2011. I've traveled to more than 44 countries and am fluent in English, French and Spanish. As an avid cyclist, I currently live in The Netherlands.

Kristina S.
Born and raised in Serbia, based in Belgrade. Love for languages, people and travelling led her to a degree in Linguistics & Scandinavian languages, as well as to becoming a teacher and tour guide. She enjoys most showing the beauties of her homeland to different guests, but also helping AmaWaterways’ guests from around the world to create lifelong memories in Europe. She speaks Serbian and ex- Yugoslav languages, Norwegian, English, Spanish and French to varying degrees. She believes that meeting and connecting with people is the best value of any travel. When not working, she’s probably somewhere in the mountains hiking, or with a book.
Krisztian K
I hail from the adventurous land of Hungary, where I studied history at university and nurtured my love of travel. I'm a dedicated cyclist, as it is my favorite method of transportation when it comes to discovering the beauties of the world. When not on board, I love hiking, swimming, and traveling with my family.
Laszlo B.
Born and raised in the suburbs of Budapest, Hungary, I studied tourism and management at the Budapest Business University. I began working on the rivers in 2006 as part of the crew, and I have explored numerous countries since then. After working as a local guide in my hometown, I had the opportunity to become a Cruise Manager for AmaWaterways in 2021. In my free time, I like to explore, read, study, and exercise (to compensate for my passion for eating desserts!)
Louis E.
I grew up in rural Australia and became a Cruise Manager so I can do what I love: guide people through some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in Europe. I'm fluent in English and Spanish, conversational in Italian and working on Portuguese, Galician, and French. I enjoy playing rugby, cooking, and the arts.
Lucas S.
I was born and raised near Cologne, Germany, where I still reside today with my wife. Though I began my career in banking, I decided to follow my passions for people and travel, which led me to the rivers with AmaWaterways. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and participating in outdoor activities.
Luis R.

As a Portuguese native, I fell in love with travel and decided to make it my lifelong career. Nowadays, I love to share my knowledge and passion with everyone I sail with. During my free time, I enjoy studying, traveling, experiencing new cultures, and trying different kinds of food! I speak Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Maddy C.

I was born and raised in Romania, at the heart of Eastern Europe. My lifelong passion for travel and storytelling drove me to earn a degree in Marketing and a master's degree in International Affairs. From there, I embarked on my career in the river cruise industry in 2000 and joined the AmaWaterways family in 2007.

Marc C.

Born in the micro-state of Andorra, I always dreamt of exploring the fascinating countries of Europe and the wider world. As an adventurer and explorer, I consider my beloved Africa a second home. Apart from my main love for travel, I love scuba diving and listening to music. I speak fluent Spanish, French, Catalan and English.

Marcelo R.
I am originally from a small seaside city on the Portuguese coast called Peniche. A few years ago, I traded the sunshine of Portugal for the Highlands of Scotland and moved to Inverness with my family. But I still get to enjoy plenty of sunshine up on the Sun Deck when I’m river cruising!
Marcia M
Born and raised in Brazil, I've served as a Cruise Manager at AmaWaterways since 2018. I'm fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English and German, and conversational in Italian. Besides learning new languages and reading new books, a true passion of mine, I also love to play golf and practice ballet and yoga.
Mariana R.

Hi everybody! My name is Mariana and I was born in Argentina where I studied hotel management. I lived in the USA, worked on ocean liners and fell in love with AmaWaterways in 2013. Since then, Ama is the only company I work for. I divide my time equally between Buenos Aires and Madrid. I enjoy reading, studying languages, doing Pilates and being with my family.

Martina V.

I grew up in Czechoslovakia and spent time living in Slovakia, Austria, and Germany, and Africa. Passionate about travel and cultural experiences, I started to sail on European rivers in 2006. As a Cruise Manager, I love to take eager travelers across the heart of Europe. Read my Guide to Europe's Easter Markets below for a taste of what you might experience while sailing with us during this holiday!

Matija M.
I was born and raised in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. I was first introduced to tourism as a student on an educational trip to Africa, which inspired me to begin my travel career as a local guide. My passion for travel and geography drove me to earn a master’s degree in both fields and create a lifelong career in tourism. When I’m off the clock, I spend my time hiking, playing board games and pub quizzes with friends, cycling, reading, and practicing various sports.
Milan M.
Born in a small town in the countryside of Croatia, I always longed to travel the world. After graduation I started working in tourism, eventually joining the AmaWaterways team in 2022. I am a sports fanatic who loves to play soccer, and I also enjoy spending time outdoors hiking or bike riding.
Miriam O.

Born and raised in former Czechoslovakia, I now call the Slovak Republic my home. My career as a Cruise Manager is perfect for me -- where else could you combine a passion for traveling, languages and meeting new people? I'm fluent in English, German and Dutch, and conversational in Slavic languages, Spanish and French. While abroad, I like to buy souvenir coffee cups to bring home as a memento from my travels.

Monica V.
Though I was born in the south of Romania, I have backpacked through Asia, lived in Kuala Lumpur and visited 72 countries while conversing in Romanian, English and Spanish! My tourism journey began in 2012 and I have since served as a tour leader, local guide and Cruise Manager.
Monika F.
I have cruised the rivers of Europe for several years now, fulfilling my passion for exploring new places, learning about different cultures, and sharing my love of travel with others. Aside from traveling, I enjoy photography, diving, sailing and seeking out new places for a good meal.
Natalija F.

Born and raised in Slovenia, my love for travel led me to different areas in the tourism industry and ultimately led me to be an AmaWaterways Cruise Manager. I'm fluent in Slovenian, English, French and Italian. When not working, I love exploring the world with a camera in hand.

Nemanja V.
Growing up in Belgrade, Serbia, I spent my childhood on the riverbanks of the “blue” Danube watching cruise ships pass by, dreaming of one day sailing with them. After finishing my degree in hospitality management and working within several luxury hotels, I joined the AmaWaterways crew in 2017. I am a travel afficionado, nature lover and a true sports fan who looks forward to leading travelers along Europe’s grand rivers every day.
Nicki D.

I was born in Manchester and discovered my passion for wine and gastronomy while studying Hospitality and Business Management. Working with AmaWaterways has given me the platform to share my passion for fine wines, local delicacies, and history in some of Europe’s most iconic regions.

Nicoleta S.
I was born and raised in Transylvania – the land behind the forest – in central Romania. After graduating with a travel and tourism degree, I sailed the seven seas for seven years as a Destination Manager. In 2017, I developed my love of rivers and have been a part of the AmaWaterways family since 2019. I speak French and Italian, enjoy salsa dancing, and have a favorite restaurant in each of the cities we travel to.
Nikola G.
Born in Belgrade, Serbia, I developed my love for travel from an early age. Soon after earning my degree in Hotel and Tourism Management, I joined the AmaWaterways family, where I am today fulfilling my life’s passion. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife Maria and my Jack Russell Terrier, Ogi.
Nikola R.
I come from the beautiful county of Croatia and joined the AmaWaterways family in 2019. My native language is Croatian, so I can speak with Croatians, Serbs, and Bosnians, but I also speak the Czech language and have a grasp of the basics in German. When I am not guiding AmaWaterways’ wonderful guests, I enjoy other outdoor activities such as sailing and skiing.
Pau S.

I am from beautiful Barcelona, Spain and as a passionate adventure traveler, I knew I had made the right decision when I joined the AmaWaterways family. As a result of my world travels, I am fluent in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian and conversational in French. My interests are classically Spanish: I love playing flamenco guitar, reading history, philosophy, and literature, and playing sports, especially Spain’s national sport, soccer.

Peter W.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I now live in the Austrian Alps with my wife and two children. In 2006, I joined a then-small “one ship” river cruise company called AmaWaterways, and have remained a top-rated Cruise Manager with AmaWaterways ever since. When I’m not on the rivers, I like to stay active year-round: I enjoy skiing in winter and mountain biking in summer.

Rachel C.

Growing up in Brazil, I spent much of my childhood traveling around the world. As a result, I fluently speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. I am also conversant in German and Italian. When not working, I can be found running at the beach, sailing the Mediterranean or volunteering for local non-profit organizations.

Radi M.

Born in Bulgaria, the “Country of Roses,” I grew up on the coast and always loved tourist season. I am fortunate enough to fulfill my passions with my AmaWaterways family. During my free time, I enjoy cooking, kickboxing, roller skating and watching stand-up comedy. My dream is to travel the world in a camper with my husband and dog, learning and developing new skills like singing.

Raul D.
Although my family originally comes from Germany, I grew up in Spain and became a Cruise Manager. Since I began my travel career, I have sailed on all the rivers between Rotterdam and the Black Sea. During my spare time, I work as a travel photographer, taking pictures for hotels and resorts around the world. I'm equally fluent in Spanish, German and English.
Reka P.

Born in Hungary, I was eager to discover new horizons and to help others experience the magic of foreign travel. After joining AmaWaterways, I discovered that the Cruise Manager role was a perfect fit with my name – "Reka," meaning "river" in Hungarian. I speak Hungarian, English, and German, and spend my free time learning about local history, cuisine, and wildlife.

Ricardo R.
Born in Brazil in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, I have been working in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years. In 2018, I decided to move to Portugal with my family and began my dream job as a Cruise Manager for AmaWaterways. In my free time, you will find me watching movies or reading a good book.
Rolf J.

I was born in The Netherlands and studied to become an engineer before realizing travel was my true passion. I'm fluent in English, German and Dutch, and am lucky to have practiced these languages and more in sought-after destinations around the world. I play guitar, love art, literature, and visiting museums. Beyond guiding river cruises, I am proud to have earned my helicopter piloting license!

Sameh B.
With more than 20 years of experience in the cruise industry, I have had the privilege of showcasing the mesmerizing wonders and treasures of the Nile River to travellers from around the globe. As a native Egyptian, I take great pride in ensuring every guest leaves with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.
Samer F.
Born and raised along the banks of the Nile, I have a bachelor's degree in English language and literature. With more than 12 years’ experience in tourism, I have fallen in love with what I consider to be the job of a lifetime. I love to share my knowledge and passion with guests. In my free time, I like to study, travel and snorkel.
Simon A.
As a Brit with proud Scottish origin, I am passionate about golf and international rugby. However, I have also lived in France for more than 20 years and have worked in travel (both on the ground and in the air) twice as long. I look forward to sharing my love of the French rivers with you – as well as the diverse gastronomy and delights of La Belle France!
Stefan B
From the city of Constanța where I was born to Bucharest where I live now, I have worked in the tourism industry for 29 years. I am a proud father of two boys and always happy to speak with our guests in Romanian, English or even French! I also love music and can often be found attending live concerts.
Stefan S.
I am originally from the city of Buzau, Romania, where I developed a deep admiration for the knowledgeable travel professionals who guide others through the wider world. I began my career with AmaWaterways in 2018 as a local guide on our Transylvania land package excursions, and eventually earned a spot as a Cruise Manager in 2022. My hobbies include travelling and admiring the architecture of beautiful monuments I encounter around the world.
Stefan V.
A former farmer and employee of the Africat Foundation, I joined AmaWaterways in 2017. I'm a Pretoria native who speaks both Afrikaans and English. When not helping guests create lifelong memories during our Chobe River cruises, I enjoy exploring nature, fishing and camping.
Talida C.

After years of guiding tours, becoming a Cruise Manager was a natural next step for me. My two greatest passions in life are traveling and food, both of which I am lucky enough to fulfill while I’m guiding travelers along Europe’s rivers. I'm proficient in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, conversational in Portuguese and on a mission to learn either German or Dutch.

Teodora C.
I grew up in a small town on Danube River on the border between Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary, where I dreamed of exploring the wider world. After studying English and German as a tour guide, I began working with river cruise ships on the Lower Danube before joining AmaWaterways in 2020 as a Cruise Manager. When I’m not cruising along Europe’s great rivers, I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family, reading books, and taking long walks in nature around my beautiful home in Osijek, Croatia.
Born and raised in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, I spent five years studying tourism management and joined AmaWaterways in 2011. When I’m not meeting guests from all over the world on board, I enjoy reading, biking, and hiking as well as practicing martial arts and tai chi.
Uwe N.

My name is Uwe (pronounced “oo-vuh”), and I was born near Dresden, Germany. With AmaWaterways, I have made a career out of my favorite hobbies, traveling and hiking. I'm fluent in English and German and conversant in French and Russian. The “warmhearted team spirit” of AmaWaterways drew me to become a Cruise Manager in 2008, and I’ve been guiding travelers along Europe’s rivers ever since.

Vanessa D.

I was born in Novi Sad, Serbia, where I also completed my master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management, leading to my career traveling along the rivers of Europe. I speak my native Serbian, English, and Spanish, and I love to spend free time outdoors with friends, hiking and cycling and traveling the world.

Veronika K.
Growing up in Prague, Czech Republic, I knew I wanted to travel the world since I was a child. Today, I am fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Czech, and I am conversant in German. In my free time, I listen to Brazilian music, jog, and roller skate, but traveling is by far my biggest passion.
Viktoria T.
Growing up in the storied and diverse city of Budapest, I felt called to a career in tourism from an early age. With nearly 20 years of experience in the luxury cruise industry, I’ve sailed with over a dozen vessels across the AmaWaterways fleet. My favorite river is the Danube, although as a fluent German speaker I also love to sail the Moselle and the Rhine. Outside of traveling, I am a sports fan and a music lover!
Walaa B.
I am a local citizen of Cairo with more than 23 years of experience as an Egyptologist and a Cruise Manager. I enjoy showing the “real” Egypt to my guests and make sure they have the journey of their lifetime. I maintain a very active lifestyle and can be found traveling the world during my brief holidays.
Weiler G.

My shining positivity, curious mind, and desire to create lifelong memories with my fellow travelers drew me to become a Cruise Manager with AmaWaterways. I am lucky as the combination of my personality and skills has allowed me to excel in my profession, which also allows me to meet new and interesting people every day.

Born and raised in the central highlands of Vietnam, I now live in Saigon. With a passion for travel, I started working as a guide in 2012. In 2018, I took a huge step in my career when I joined AmaWaterways aboard AmaDara. In my time here, I have met interesting people from all around the world and enjoyed learning about their fascinating stories and experiences. I love eating local foods, experiencing new cultures and learning history everywhere I travel with my family. When not onboard, I enjoy hiking, cycling and reading.

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