Customize your experience with these excursions curated for your interests!

AmaWaterways offers immersive hands-on special interest tours that allow guests to take a deeper dive into local culture – and these unforgettable excursions are all included in your river cruise fare. Three of our Cruise Managers share some of their favorites below.

Pretzel Baking in Wertheim, Germany

Cruise Manager Reka

You’ll learn how to shape the perfect bretzel (as it is called in Germany). It has to be fat in the middle and thin at the edges. You will also learn the story of the bretzel and the significance of its shape, formed as two arms in prayer.

I always buy a large basket full of warm bretzels, enough for all guests, even the ones who do not go on the tour. The baker brings it in a large basket and as guests walk to the ship I wait for them at the entrance, so everyone can take one.

Hearing the personal stories of baker Mr. Fritz Frischmuth, as he traveled the world to teach people how to prepare traditional German baked goods, including bretzels and sourdough. He has traveled from Dubai to Asia and teaches high-class chefs about baking.

How do they taste?

Available on the following itineraries: Europe’s Rivers & Castles, Treasures of the Main & Rhine, and Medieval Treasures

Truffle Hunting in Avignon, France

Cruise Manager Rachel

It’s not an excursion but an experience. The drive between the ship and the truffle farm is a moving postcard where you can see the Provençal landscape you have always imagined: quaint little villages, blooming fields, sunshine, and, if you are lucky, miles of lavender! On this experience you will learn more about the truffle business from the perspective of the actual truffle farm owner, visit their house and meet their family. They will make you feel cozy and welcome! And when you think things couldn’t be better, the star of the show comes: “LE” DOG.

What do the dogs do when they find a truffle?
That would spoil the surprise! You will have to come and see it! But let’s say they are very well compensated.

You will be smelling truffles until you get back home and there is truffle tasting to put your palate in heaven. You can even buy delicious truffle products to take back home and show your friends and family what they have missed.

Available on the following itineraries: Colors of Provence and Essence of Burgundy & Provence

Kölsch Beer Tasting in Cologne, Germany

Cruise Manager Raul

Taste Cologne’s famous beer, which combines the two most popular brewing methods in a unique way to produce a filtered, crystal-clear beer. Kölsch is light in color, but with a strong flavor and hops intensity, and distinctive “pearl string” bubbles.

It’s so unique it needs a glass of its own, the socalled “stange,” a relatively small and thin beer glass replenished every time a waiter spots an empty one! You’ll also learn the unique nature of the local culture in Cologne, which is so different from the German stereotype, and find out about their constant competition with their neighbors in Düsseldorf.

The potato pancakes and applesauce are delicious, but I confess, I am biased – my Grandma used to make them for me as a child. Every time I have the crispy hot potato pancakes with cold, sweet applesauce, I am instantly taken back to my Grandma’s kitchen table. I can hardly think of anything better!

Available on the following itineraries: Captivating Rhine, Enchanting Rhine, Rhine & Moselle Delights, Rhine & Moselle Fairytales, Christmas Markets on the Rhine

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