“Lying along the banks of Alte Donau Lake, tree-lined pathways offer visitors an idyllic location to experience the area’s natural beauty. “

Set along the shore of the sparkling Danube River, Vienna boasts a colorful local life, as well as a beautiful, natural landscape perfect for exploring and staying active. Known as the “City of Music,” Vienna has been home to many of the world’s most influential musicians, including Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms. However, the scenic beauty of the city easily rivals its musical past as a major draw for visitors.

The Alte Donau is a center of local life and activity in Vienna. Promenades surrounding the parks and lake provide an easy path for visitors to explore the area by bike. Leading through the popular recreation centers, cyclists can enjoy people watching and experience the area’s natural beauty. Cycling also offers the chance to see more of the location, and all that it has to offer, in a short amount of time.

A Collage of History, Nature and Modern Life

This waterfront is impressive; not only because of the cultural life and stunning flora, but because of the abundant wildlife that graces its waters and shores. Some varieties of species that can be seen here are diverse types of song birds and waterfowl, as well as the European beaver, which is strictly protected in this area.

Numerous businesses have also taken up residence along Alte Donau, offering boat and watersport rentals, as well as numerous restaurants, cafés and bars available for culinary exploration. On the shores of this lake, industry meets nature, and conservation efforts keep the two working in harmony, making sure that the park can be enjoyed for years to come.

AmaWaterways offers a fun and active bike tour along the waterfront and through Donaupark, an island that separates the Danube from Alte Donau. A conglomeration of history and modern culture, the park that was once used as a Nazi firing range is now the location of the Vienna UN Office, and holds the tallest building in Austria, Danube Tower. When selecting this cycling activity, guests choose an authentic experience of Viennese life, and a chance to become immersed in the beauty and excitement of this historic city.

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