Humanitarian at heart, Geneva captures the essence of peace, beauty and nature.

While some may know Geneva for its global humanitarian efforts, you may be surprised to learn that Geneva draws its culture and early history from several European regions. Previously occupied under the Roman Empire, Kingdom of Burgundy and French rule for centuries, the evolved city of Geneva experienced a tumultuous history but eventually joined the Swiss Confederation in 1815. From that historical moment, Geneva prospered as one of Europe’s most beautiful multicultural cities. You can experience Geneva on a Rhône River cruise and land package as part of your Essence of Burgundy & Provence or Flavors of Burgundy itinerary.

A Glimpse into Geneva

Located at the southwestern end of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, Geneva joins the Rhône River along the Franco-Swiss border. From afar, the picturesque French Alps and Jura Mountains surround the city. Just off the left bank of the Rhône, the cobblestone streets lead the way into the heart of the city, Old Geneva. As part of your pre- or post-river cruise land program, your guided walking tour will take you on a journey into the “Peace City” where you will learn more about its invigorating past with different cultures.

During your free time, go in search of a famous city monument, the Jet d’Eau, the world’s tallest water fountain where the water skyrockets 476 feet high – nearly as tall as a 50-story building! You may even catch a glimpse of popular monuments and historical sites, like the large flower clock Horlage Fleuri, the Grand Theatre and the Geneva Opera House, which unites visitors for a deeper discovery of the “Genevois spirit.” As you stroll along the streets, browse for jewelry as the Swiss have a tradition of jewelry making – and be sure to try some local chocolates as they make wonderful souvenirs.

Capital of Peace and Connection

As the European home to many international organizations including the United Nations, Geneva has continuously promoted Swiss neutrality throughout its history and culture. Its long history of diversity and tolerance has rendered Geneva a cultural center for all international bodies to meet on neutral, common ground.

The significant Geneva Conventions from 1864 to 1949 led the pathway to humanitarian efforts for those affected by war. Their lasting global impact inspired the protection of human dignity. Symbolic to international Geneva, the architectural style of the United Nations headquarters, or Palais des Nations, represents the unique diversity of nations and harmony around the world. The endless rows of countries’ flags line up towards the headquarters, highlighting Geneva as the "capital of world peace."

Across from the building, the famous three-legged Broken Chair stands as an impressive monument, representing the victims of landmines all around the world. This landmark became an international statement in 1997 to encourage nations to sign the Mine Ban Treaty, stopping the use of landmines.

Sharing the Enlightenment

Many rich aristocrats, philosophers and artists from the European Enlightenment period contributed to the prosperity and refinement of Geneva. Born on June 18, 1712 in the old town of Geneva, Jean-Jacques Rousseau grew up to become one of the most influential philosophers of the Enlightenment and he left behind some remarkable legacies in his hometown. At the actual house of his birth, the Maison de Rousseau et de la Littérature museum is a tribute to his life, literary and musical passions, and enlightenment journey.

A striking statue of Rousseau also resides on an island named after him – l’Île Rousseau, located in the heart of Geneva between the Rhône River banks. Locals enjoy the calm and quiet atmosphere that the island brings to their everyday life.

An Enchanting Waterside Castle

Of course, when visiting Geneva, you cannot miss the enchanting opportunity to take in Lake Geneva’s dramatic scenery and a tidbit of medieval magic. With crystal waters and crisp, fresh air from the Swiss Alps, the lake offers a sense of calm for all who visit.

Perched on an island rock on this glistening lake, Chillon Castle enchants with its fairytale-like exterior and the snow-capped alps peeking from behind. During your land program, you will have the opportunity to visit this picture-perfect site. The medieval fortress was built between 1536 to 1798 with the purpose of protecting and gaining control between northern and southern Europe. From inside, you can admire its beautifully arched underground cellars, Gothic-styled windows and Great Halls with a perfect view of Lake Geneva. Inspired by the grand fortress, the famous poet Lord Byron wrote his poem, “The Prisoner of Chillon,” immortalizing the castle through his dramatic monologue.

As you can see, Geneva offers wonders to behold and serves as a shining example of peace between nations that connects people around the world.

Why Reserve Our Geneva Land Package

Add a bonus country to your Essence of Burgundy & Provence journey: Switzerland! Make the most of your international airfare and indulge your wanderlust by spending more time in Europe and exploring this fascinating city. Whether you are a chocolate lover, history buff or wristwatch enthusiast, or are simply interested in the beautiful scenery and castles of Switzerland, you will be inspired by your experiences during this 3-night land package, which includes a visits to picturesque Dijon - capital of the historic Burgundy region.

What’s Included in Your Optional Land Package

  • 3 nights in Geneva at the Hotel Rotary Geneva-MGallery (or similar)
  • Daily breakfast at the hotel
  • Convenient transfers between your hotel and ship
  • Guided tours, including of the historic monuments in the "Peace Capital," Geneva's Old Town, Annecy and Chillon Castle
  • The services of one of our wonderful Cruise Managers – unique in the industry

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