Exclusive Wine Cruise


Hosted by Paul and Maggie Bush, Owners of Madrona Vineyards, Camino CA.

From planting vineyards when 6 years old to now being a winemaker, Paul’s interest in wine was always rooted in the vine. His love of growing grapes naturally progressed to finding the purest expression of Madrona’s vineyards in the wine. Given the choice, he claims his office would be a tractor and his time would be spent in the field, as that is where the true quality of wine comes from. His minimalist approach to making wine makes him what he calls a “wine elaborator”; or more simply put, taste the vineyard, not the winemaker. Join Paul and Maggie as they take you on this wonderful wine journey along the Enticing Douro.


Immerse yourself in the many flavors of Europe on one of AmaWaterways unique Wine Cruises, which let you add a unique, epicurean dimension to one of our European itineraries. Like our standard river cruises, guests have the opportunity to join tours that highlight the famous sights in each port of call. These special itineraries, however, offer guests a perfect blend of wine-related experiences and excursions in grand capitals and charming towns. You’ll taste local cuisine, discover how wine is made and, of course, partake in tastings — all at no additional cost. Whether you have a seasoned appreciation for fine wine, or simply indulge in a sip here and there, this is a wonderful way to uncork the traditions of the local culture and learn about the region you’re visiting.

About the Wine Region – The Garrone, Dordogne anad Gironde Estuary

In the corner of southwestern France, the Garonne and Dordogne rivers merge together to form the Gironde Estuary that naturally divides the famous Bordeaux region into the Left and Right banks. One of the largest controlled wine regions in France, Bordeaux is made up of several sub-regions each with its own strictly governed appellation, unique climate and terroir. Unlike most wines around the world, the quality of Bordeaux wine is determined by these factors rather than the grape varietal. Bordeaux is acclaimed for its legendary red blends, though white blends from this region also make a big impression. The Left and Right banks of the river have different soil types that bring these exceptional blends to life.



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